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Dublin, Trinity College, 492 (E. 2. 23)

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Bede's Death Song

Date: s. xiimed; s. xii2


The manuscript contains four items, whose main texts are in Latin: Bede, Historia Ecclesiastica Gentis Anglorum (fols 1r/1-175v/5a), Cuthbert, Epistola De Obitu Bedae (fols 175v/6a-177r/4b), a short tract on the progress of Christianity in England (fols 177r/6b-178v/9b), and Notationes De Sanctis qui in Anglia Requiescunt (fols 178v/11b-180r/30a).

Bede's Death Song in Old English is in Cuthbert, Epistola De Obitu Bedae, fol. 176r/column a/1-7. Dobbie considered that this text belonged to his 'Digby group', on account of the fact that it lacks the words 'heonengange hwæt his' from lines 3-4 (1942, pp. 76-83).

There are annotations in English of s. xii2 (Lucas 1997).

Manuscript Items:

  1. Item: fol. 176r

      Title (A.33.3): Bede's Death Song: West Saxon Version

      Addition: For þam nedfere neni ƿyrþeh / þances snotera þone him þearf sy / to gehicgenne ær his [...] gaste godes oþþe yuolys / æfter deaþe henon demed ƿeorþe

      Date: s. xiimed


  2. Item: fols 4r, 4v, 8v, 9v

      Title (B.27.5.9.EM): Annotations

      Addition: (fol. 4r) weoloc scælle

      Addition: (fol. 4r) seolas

      Addition: (fol. 4r) octo hund mile long & twa hund mile brad

      Addition: (fol. 4v) weolocas

      Addition: (fol. 8v) munuc

      Addition: (fol. 9v) half mile amurg

      Date: s. xii2


Physical Description:

Object Description:

Form: Codex

Support: Parchment except for paper endleaves.

Foliation and/or Pagination: Foliation (1958) in pencil excluding paper endleaves.

Collation: Fols ii + 180 + ii.

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