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The Production and Use of English Manuscripts 1060 to 1220

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Salisbury, Cathedral, 150

Salisbury, Cathedral, 150

The Production and Use of English Manuscripts: 1060 to 1220

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Continuous Gloss

Date: s. xi/xii


The Psalter contains extensive continuous interlinear Old English glosses to the Psalms on fols 12-138, and to the Canticles on fols 138v-51v of the Gallican version, with the exception of Psalm 151 and part of the Te deum. The titles to the Psalms are only partially glossed in Old English: Psalms 50, 77, 79, 119, 126, 132 (Ker 1957, p. 449-50; Mearns 1914; Lindelöf 1904; Wülcker 1879, p. 367; Sisam and Sisam 1959).

Ker notes that during the tenth or eleventh century 'famulum tuum' was altered to 'famulam tuam' and the gloss in Old English 'þeoƿan þinne' is later perhaps s. xi/xii (1957, p. 450).

The Litanies, starting on fol. 151v, have been erased, except the first two lines. A hand, s. xii, rewrote others on fols 152-60.

One final quire (fols 152-58, 160) was added in the twelfth century.

Manuscript Items:

  1. Item: fols 12-138

      Title (C.7.13): Gloss to Psalms

      Text Language: English


        Ker 1957, item 379

  2. Item: fols 138v-51v

      Title (C.11.12): Gloss to Canticles of the Psalter

      Text Language: English


        Ker 1957, item 379

  3. Item: fol. 138

      Title (C.23.3): Gloss to Prayers

      Text Language: English

      Note: According to Ker, in s. x or s. xi, the words 'famulum tuum' in the prayer were changed to 'famulam tuam', but the gloss, which is later, is 'þeowan þinne' (1957, p. 450). [HM]


        Ker 1957, item 379

Physical Description:

Object Description:

Form: codex

Support: parchment


Foliation and/or Pagination: iv + 160 + ii, foliated (i-v), 1-158, 160, 161, (162-3). Ker observes that 'the first three and last two leaves are modern paper. Fols (iv), 161, (162) are medieval flyleaves' (Ker 1957, p. 450).



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