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Names of familial relationships in English and French

Date: s. xiimed


Main text is a s. xiimed copy of Ivo of ChartresPanormia. A contemporary hand adds, above the main text, the English and French equivalents of the names of relationships in a table of the degrees of consanguinity, within which marriage is prohibited in the main text. Ker suggests that the manuscript may be from Cirencester (1957, p. 433) .

Manuscript Items:
  1. Item: fol. 170v

      Title (B.24.8): Names of Relationship

      Incipit: (170v) Pere. ˥ mere. Vader and moder

      Explicit: (170v) Cusins parenz. Isibba child. Maglingas. Siblingas.

      Text Language: Latin and English


Administration Information: Bibliography:

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