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Oxford, Bodleian, Bodley 579 (2675)

Oxford, Bodleian, Bodley 579 (2675)

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Additions to the 'Leofric Missal': List of Sureties, Inscription and Manumissions

Date: s. xi3/4-xi/xii


Additions to the 'Leofric Missal', a service book written in s. ix2 or s. ix/x. The book also contains items typical of the pontifical, the ritual and the computus, and a calendar from Glastonbury written in s. x.

Ten quires (Quires 1, 4, 5, 6, 22, 43-47) were added in to the manuscript in s. ximed-2. The Old English additions are mainly manumissions (fols 1, 8 and 377v), a list of sureties for land at Stoke Canon between Abbot Leofric and Abbess Eadgifu (fol. 11v) and Leofric's Inscription recording the gift of the manuscript to Exeter by Bishop Leofric (fol. 1r). The origin of the book is still a matter of debate (see History below), but it was given to Exeter by Leofric in s. xi3/4.

Manuscript Items:

  1. Item: fol. 1r/1-10

      Title (B.16.10.5): Exeter: Leofric Inscriptions

      Addition: (fol. 1r/1-5) Hunc missalem Leofricus episcopus dat ęcclesię sciˉ petri apƚi in exonia ad utiliatem succes_ | _sorū suorū · Si quis illū inde abstulerit · ętˉnę | subiaceat maledictioni · FIAT · FIAT · Confirma hoc | deus quod operatus es in nobis ·

      Addition: (fol. 1r/6-9) Ðas boc Leofric bisceop gef sancto petro · ˥ | eallū his æfter gengum into exancestre | gode mid to ðenienne · ˥ gif ⁁ hig ænig man ut | abrede hæbb [e] he goddes curse and þræððe | ealra halgena ·

      Text Language: Latin and English

      Other versions of the text:

      Other manuscripts with the Leofric inscription are:

      Collated in Exeter Book, 1933, p. 11, n. 3, as M.

      Date: s. xi3/4

      Hand: Ker 315 SC3

      Note: This item is in the second leaf of a preliminary quire added in s. xi (fols iv, 1-7). The initials 'H' and 'Ð' are in the same ink as the rest of the text.


  2. Item: fol. 1r/10-13

      Title (B. Exeter: Manumissions

      Incipit: (fol. 1r/10) halƿun hoce on execstre freode

      Explicit: (fol. 1r/13) hiˉ ƿurþe ƿrað þe hi hæfre ge þyƿie amˉ

      Text Language: English

      Date: s. xi/xii

      Hand: Ker 315 SC5

      Note: A manumission granted at Exeter. This item was added in at a comparatively late date between the Inscriptions and the manumission at the end of fol. 1r.


  3. Item: fol. 1r/14-21

      Title (B. Exeter: Manumissions

      Incipit: (fol. 1r/14-15) Her kyð on thisse bec þæt æilgyuu gode alysde | hig ˥ dunna ˥ heora of spring .

      Explicit: (fol. 1r/20-21) þe þis æfre | un do á on ecnysse. Amen.

      Text Language: English

      Date: s. xiex

      Hand: Ker 315 SC4

      Note: A manumission granted at Exeter. Probably added after fol. 1v was filled with other manumissions.


  4. Item: fol. 1v/1-7

      Title (B. Exeter: Manumissions

      Incipit: (fol. 1v/1-3) Her kyð on þyssere bec þæt godƿine blaca bohte | hine sylfne ˥ his ƿyf ˥ his ofspring æt ƿyl | lēlme hosethe mid ·xv· sciƚƚ ·

      Explicit: (fol. 1v/6-8) ˥ ælfric | hasl nā þæt toll for þæs kynges hand ˥ hæbbe he | godes curs þe hit æfre un do · amˉ ·

      Text Language: English

      Date: xiex

      Hand: Ker 315 SC4

      Note: A manumission granted at Exeter.


  5. Item: fol. 1v/8-15
  6. Item: fol. 1v/16-22

      Title (B. Exeter: Manumissions

      Incipit: (fol. 1v/16-18) Her kyð on þyssere bec þæt ediuuu sæuugeles | laf bohte gladu æt coleƿine ƿyð healfe | punde to cepe ˥ to tolle ·

      Explicit: (fol. 1v/21-22) ˥ hæbbe he godes | curs þe þis æfre un do on ecnisse · Amˉ ·

      Text Language: English

      Date: s. xiex

      Hand: Ker 315 SC4

      Note: A manumission granted at Exeter.


  7. Item: fol. 8r-v

      Title: Tavistock: Manumissions

      Text Language: English

      Note: Rubbed and partly illegible.

      Date: s. xi1


  8. Item: fol. 11v

      Title (B.15.5.12): Charters: Bishops' Charters: Sureties between Abbes Eadgifu and Abbot Leofric Sawyer 1452

      Incipit: (fol. 11v) Ðis synt þa men þe synt anburge

      Text Language: English

      Note: Partly over the erasure of four lines of French script; partly in the margin.

      Hand: Ker 315 SC1 and Ker 315 SC2

      Date: ximed


  9. Item: fol. 377v

Physical Description:

Object Description:

Form: Codex

Support: Parchment

Extent: The page dimensions vary; s. xi3/4 quires are smaller than the earlier sections. The average is:

Foliation and/or Pagination: Fols iv + 198



The two manumissions on fol. 8r are rubbed and partly illegible. Wormholes and the mark of a central nail from the cover of an old binding do not reappear on fol. 9 which was the first leaf of the missal for a long time. Fol. 8 is probably a stray leaf from the end of this manuscript or another manuscript bound in or after s. xi.

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