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Homilies and lives of saints

Date: s. ximed-xi2


A collection of seven folios from bindings containing fragments of homilies and lives of saints, including Ælfric's texts, copied in s. xi1 and ximed. Some items were added later in s. xi2 (See, Ker 1957, Art. 1-5.).

Manuscript Items:

  1. Item: fols 1-3v

      Title (B.1.3.22): Third Series of Homilies [Lives of Saints]: Saint Swithun

      Incipit: (fol. 1r-fol. 3r) ond oferworht [...] Þa sǽde se [...] hwæt [...] sibbe

      Date: s. xi1


        Ker 1957, item 117

        Earle 1861, pp. 2-12

        Skeat 1881-1900, i, p. 422

  2. Item: fols 4r-6v

      Title (B.3.3.23): Anonymous Homilies [ Sanctorale]: Mary of Egypt

      Incipit: (fol. 4r) [...]s [...] adune as[...] [...] weardre [...] þ[a] þ[a] [...]

      Explicit: (fol. 6r) ƿæs genyrƿed [...] ende. Amen

      Date: ximed


  3. Item: fol. 6v

      Title (B.10.3.1): Benedict, Rule

      Incipit: (fol. 6v) [Æ]rest mon sceal god lufian of ealre heortan

      Explicit: (fol. 6v) on criste. þonne.

      Date: s. xi2

      Note: Fragment of chapter 4.


  4. Item: fol. 7r/1-3

      Title (B.1.1.28): First Series of Homilies [Catholic Homilies I]: Passion of Peter and Paul

      Incipit: (fol. 7r) [...]uð is geond [...]

      Explicit: (fol. 7r) [.]y ƿuldor

      Date: s. xi1

      Note: Three incomplete lines, the end of the text.


  5. Item: fol. 7r/6-7v

      Title (B.1.2.31): Second Series of Homilies [Catholic Homilies II]: Peter and Paul, In festiuitate Sancti Petri

      Incipit: (fol. 7r) [...]ge þæt [...] andƿear[d]an [...]

      Explicit: (fol. 7r) Heo soðlice mid worde ge fæstnode þæt hit swa wæreond

      Date: s. xi1

      Note: Fragment, fifty-five lines of the beginning of the text.


  6. Item: fol. 7v

      Title (B.27.4.17.EM): Additions, translation of Acts 12.15 [marginal]

      Addition: Heo soðlice mid ƿorde gefæstnode þæt hit sƿa ƿære. 7

      Note: This is a translation of Acts 12: 15 added in the margin, next to 'engel'.

      Date: s. xi2


        Ker 1957, item 117

Physical Description:

Object Description:

Form: Collection of fragments

Support: Parchment

Extent: fol. 1 and most of the leaves

Extent: fol. 7



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