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The Production and Use of English Manuscripts 1060 to 1220

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Cambridge, Trinity College, R. 7. 28

The Production and Use of English Manuscripts: 1060 to 1220

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Bede’s Death Song

Date: s. xiimed


English version of Bede’s Death Song in the Latin text of Cuthbert’s letter de obitu beati atque eximii doctoris Bede, here forming part of the 734 annal in the Chronicon Fani Sancti Neoti, or Annales Asserii. Ker notes that the manuscript was written by scribes at Bury St Edmunds (1957, p. 134).

Manuscript Items:
  1. Item: p. 26

      Title (A.33.3): Bede's Death Song: West Saxon Version

      Addition: (p. 26) Fortham nedferre neni Wyrtheth | thances snottera thonne him thearf sy to ge | hicgenne e[tail]r his heonengange hwet his | gaste godes othe yueles efter deathe heonnon | demed weorthe. (thorn, eth and wyn not used)

      Text Language: English


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