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Cambridge, Pembroke College, 82

The Production and Use of English Manuscripts: 1060 to 1220

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Verse sentences in English

Date: s. xii/xiii


Written on the blank recto of the first leaf of a manuscript containing a number of s. xii Latin texts, including the Vita S. Alexis and Bede, Historia Ecclesiastica. The first note names the sons of Lothbrok, including Ubba and Beorn, in English, and is followed by a Latin note on the deeds of Ubba and Beorn. The second note describes the location of Kenelm’s head. Alongside it, in the margin, is a Latin note of s. xiii, giving the author as John de Cella, abbot 1195-1214, and repeating the English note in Latin. Ker 1957 notes that the English and Latin texts on this folio are all in the same hand, and that ‘the manuscript belonged almost certainly to the cell of St. Albans at Tynemouth’ (p. 124).

Manuscript Items:
  1. Item: fol. 1r

      Title (A.49): Distich on the Sons of Lothebrok

      Addition: (fol. 1r) Ynguar. And Ubbe. Beorn wæs þe þridde. Loþebrokes suns. loþe weren criste


  2. Item: fol. 1v

      Title (A.48): Distich on Kenelm

      Addition: (fol. 1v) In clench qu becche under ane þorne. Liet kenelm kinebern heued bereued


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