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Cambridge, Pembroke College, 312

Cambridge, Pembroke College, 312

The Production and Use of English Manuscripts: 1060 to 1220

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Continuous Psalter-Gloss

Date: s. ximed


Two fragments of a Gallican Psalter with occasional readings from the Romanum, with continuous interlinear Old English glosses, known as C1 and C2. The fragments are from Pss. 7317- 743 and Ps. 7731-43. Fragments from the same manuscript are Haarlem, Stadsbibliotheek 188 fol. 53 and Sondershausen, Schlossmuseum, Hs Br. 1. Place of production unknown.

Manuscript Items:
  1. Item: fol. C1r

      Title (C.7.2.1.EM): Gloss to Psalms [fragment]

      Addition: (fol. C1r) Old english: eorðan | scope ða | d | gecigde | andette rest of the line is illegible | þinone graph illegiblea | þinra | ofðystrede | sa | ƿorden Latin: os terra | smasti ea | nicus | incitauit | line is illegible | tuum | turest of the line is illegible | scurati su | m | ctus

      Text Language: English and Latin


  2. Item: fol. C1v

      Title (C.7.2.2.EM): Gloss to Psalms [fragment]

      Addition: ( fol. C1v) Old English: eora þe fr | lce dæge | na ofergyt þu | þa ðe hatedon | ƿe andett | ƿe andet | nama | ic cyþe | þonne ic afo | deme Latin: tota die | eubliunt can | tuorum | L ++ iii inp | pst Imus | Confit | confi | nomen | arrabimus | cum accep | iudicabo

      Text Language: English and Latin


  3. Item: fol. C2r

      Title (C.7.2.3.EM): Gloss to Psalms [fragment]

      Addition: (fol. C2r) Old English: þa gyt | undrum h | dagas heora | on hyne | most of line illegible gen | god | god mære | e heora | him | Latin: te | unt adhu | irabilibus ei | beginning unclear eorum | bant eum | iluculo | deus | us excelsu | e suo | nt ei | erat

      Text Language: English and Latin


  4. Item: fol. C2v

      Title (C.7.2.4.EM): Gloss to Psalms [fragment]

      Addition: (fol. C2v) Old English: he soðlice | he bið synnu | he gemænig | na onælde | line illegible | gast | la hu oft | on ƿestene | hine inƿæ | ˥ hi gehƿyfd | god | hy na synd | dæge end of line illegible | þæs middle of line illegible ænd | sƿa sƿa he Latin: pse aute | fiet pecca | abund | et non ac | line illegible | spiritus | Quotiens | in deserto | eum in i | Et conuer | deum | Non sunt | die qua | tribula | Sicut po

      Text Language: English and Latin


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