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The Production and Use of English Manuscripts 1060 to 1220

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Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, 421

The Production and Use of English Manuscripts: 1060 to 1220

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Date: s. xi3/4 (Part II)


A bipartite collection of homilies, mostly by Ælfric: Part I was written in the first half of the eleventh century; later additions, with which we are concerned here, were written at Exeter in the third quarter of the eleventh century. These later pages, pp. 3-96, 209-24, are closely related to the homiletic collections in Cleopatra B. xiii and Lambeth 489. Altogether, these contemporary texts were created for the pastoral work of Leofric, Bishop of Exeter, 1050-1072.

Manuscript Items:

  1. Item: pp. 3-25

      Title (B.1.1.24): Ælfric, First Series of Homilies [Catholic Homilies I]: Pentecost

      Incipit: (p. 3) FRAM ÐAM HALGAN EASTERLICAN DÆGE | synd getealde fiftig daga to þysum | dæge.

      Text Language: English

  2. Item: pp. 25-36

      Title (B.1.2.44): Ælfric, Second Series of Homilies [Catholic Homilies II]: Apostle

      Incipit: (p. 25) ÐES APOSTOLICA FREOLS DÆG MANAÐ US | to sprecenne ˥ sum þing eoƿ to secg |

      Text Language: English

  3. Item: pp. 36-54

      Title (B.1.2.46): Ælfric, Second Series of Homilies [Catholic Homilies II]: Martyrs

      Incipit (Latin): (p. 36) Cum audieritis prelia & seditiones | nolite terreri. & reliqua.

      Incipit: (p. 36) SE HÆLEND FORESÆDE HIS LEOR- | ning

      Text Language: English

  4. Item: pp. 54-76

      Title (B.1.2.47): Ælfric, Second Series of Homilies [Catholic Homilies II]: Confessor

      Incipit (Latin): (foi. 54) homo quidam pergere proficisc..s | uocauit seruos suos & tradidit illis | bona sua.

      Incipit: (p. 54) VRE DRIHTEN SÆDE ÞIS BIG SPELL | his leorning cnihtum.

      Text Language: English

  5. Item: pp. 76-96

      Title (B.1.2.48): Ælfric, Second Series of Homilies [Catholic Homilies II]: Virgins

      Title (B.1.4.29): Ælfric, Homilies of Ælfric: Addition to Catholic Homilies II no. 44: In Natale Sanctarum Virginum

      Incipit (Latin): (p. 76) Simile est regnum celorum decem | uirginibus que accipientes [.]ampade.

      Incipit: (p. 76) Se hælend sæde gelomlice bigspell be gehƿilcum þingum his leorningcnihtum

      Text Language: English

  6. Item: pp. 209-221

      Title (B.3.4.37): Anonymous Homilies [for unspecified occasions, published]: Napier 1883 [1967], no. 46: 'Larspell'

      Incipit: (p. 209) We secgeað urum cynehlaforde

      Text Language: English

  7. Item: pp. 221-224

      Title (B.2.1.3): Wulfstan, Eschatalogical Homilies: Luke on the Last Days

      Incipit: (p. 221) CRIST cwæð on his halgan godpelle

      Text Language: English

Physical Description:

Object Description:

Form: Codex

Support: Parchment. Arranged HFHF, the membrane is well-prepared and in good condition.

Extent: fols 1r/1-177v/19 iv + 177 + ii. The opening flyleaves are two paper and two sixteenth-century membrane; the end flyleaves are paper only; the manuscript is incomplete. According to Wilcox 2000, 'the frontispiece from CCCC 419 has been inserted, reversed, in place of a cancelled opening folio' (p. 10). This frontispiece is a crucifixion drawn with reds and greens.

Foliation and/or Pagination: Paginated [i-viii], 1-353, [355-56] at the top right of recto leaves by Parker.



The manuscript is in generally good condition, with a few stains and holes.

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