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Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, 367

Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, 367

The Production and Use of English Manuscripts: 1060 to 1220

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Homilies, Vision of Leofric, etc.

Date: s. ximed to s. xii2


The manuscript is a composite volume containing two distinct parts made up of five original manuscripts or portions thereof. In Ker 1957, the Old English texts form three items in the Catalogue, and in James, Parker, and Rogers 1912 (ii. p. 199), the two main Latin texts are designated as A, and the OE as B. The provenance of the manuscript may be Worcester: certain parts of it, item 8 below in particular, probably originated there.

The manuscript contains part of Ælfric’s translation of Bede’s De Temporibus (from fol. 54) dated to s. xii2 (Item 1 below); a muddled set of homiletic fragments (the original manuscript probably followed the sequence of the church year) dated to s. xiimed, and most of which are by Ælfric (Items 2-10); the Latin text, Logica Quaedam; a Latin verse in quatrains, Versus quidam; part of a Latin Life of St Kenelm (c. s. ximed-s. xii); a book-list and the Vision of Leofric dated to s. ximed and s. xi2 respectively, which were added to blank space at the end of the gathering; a letter from the abbot of Westminster to the prior of Worcester datable to c. 1130; a charm; and an imperfect Latin text concerning monastic constitutions (s. xii). Pen-trials are also seen on fol. 52v.

Manuscript Items:

  1. Item: Fol. 54r/1-55v/36 (Ker fols 1, 2, 7-10: beginning of the part on parchment)

      Title (B.1.9.4): Ælfric: De Temporibus Anni

      Incipit: Þone forman dæg þyssere ƿorulde ƿe magon afin | dan

      Explicit: (Fol. 55v) Eft on langiendum dagum he ofer geð þone suðran sunsted · 7 forþi he byð norþur geseƿen þonne seo sunne on ƿintra · sƿa þeah ne gæð heora

      Text Language: English

      Note: Fols 10r/21-36 and 10v blank.


  2. Item: Fols 74r-v (Ker fols 21r-v, 20r/1-24 (Quire 2))

      Title (B.1.1.17): Ælfric, First Series of Homilies [Catholic Homilies I]: Easter

      Incipit: (Fol. 74r/1) (beg. imperf.) 'fram þrowunge to æriste'.

      Explicit: (Fol. 74v) (ends) ... we cweþað. amen

      Text Language: English

      Note: 'uel teoden' glosses 'hosp'.


  3. Item: Fols 20r/25-20v, 26r-v (Quire 1)

      Title (B.1.2.19): Ælfric, Second Series of Homilies [Catholic Homilies II]: Easter

      Incipit (Latin): Feria secunda.

      Incipit: Hit is swyðe gedfenlic [sic] þæt ge on þissum drihten licum

      Explicit: (ends imperfectly) þurh þone laðan

      Text Language: English


  4. Item: Fols 17r-v, 29r-v (Quire 3)

      Title (B.1.1.21): Ælfric, First Series of Homilies [Catholic Homilies I]: Feria III de dominica oratione

      Incipit: (begins imperfectly) 'ure rice gif we hit ... '

      Explicit: (ends imperfectly) 'on þære fandunge ...'

      Text Language: English


  5. Item: Fols 23rv, 6rv, 3r-5r/30 (Quire 4)

      Title (B.1.1.32): Ælfric, First Series of Homilies [Catholic Homilies I]: Assumption of the Virgin

      Title (manuscript): Sermo in assumptione sancte marie

      Incipit: Hieronimus se halga sacerd awrat ænne pistol'.

      Note: One leaf is missing between fol. 23 which ends 'þurh þone ylcan gast' and fol. 6 which begins 'be þisse heofenlican cwene'.

      Decoration: 23r/1 Red 'H' of 'Hieronimus' with zig-zag decoration.


  6. Item: Fols 5r/30, 5v, 24rv (Quire 4)

      Title (B.1.1.33): Ælfric, First Series of Homilies [Catholic Homilies I]: Bartholomew

      Title (manuscript): VIII. kalens> septembris. passio sancti bartholomei apostoli.

      Incipit: Ƿyrdwryteras secgað þæt þre leodscipas |

      Explicit: (ends imperfectly with) þearle

      Note: One leaf is missing between fol. 5 which ends 'gewurðod þæs' and fol. 24 which begins 'menniscnysse'.

      Decoration: ' Ƿyrdwryteras': Red and black Ƿ with zig-zag decoration.


  7. Item: Fols 11r/1-16v (Quire 5)

      Title (B.3.3.18): Anonymous Homilies, Homilies for Specified Occasions, Sanctorale: Nativity of the Virgin Mary

      Title (manuscript): Sexta idus septembris. natiuitas sancte marie. uiginis [sic]

      Incipit: Men þa leofestan weorðiat we nu on and | weardnysse

      Explicit: (Ends imperfectly) ... of þam slæpe. swyþe ge ||

      Decoration: 'Men': Red uncial M.


  8. Item: Fols 28r-v/20 (Quire 6)

      Title (B.1.3.27): Ælfric, Third Series of Homilies [Lives of Saints]: The Exaltation of the Holy Cross

      Incipit: (begins imperfectly) þæt cristes læwa'.

      Text Language: English


  9. Item: Fols 28v/21, 19r-v, 27r-v/12 (Quire 6)

      Title (B.1.2.40): Ælfric, Second Series of Homilies [Catholic Homilies II]: Matthew

      Incipit: Se godspellere mat | heus. þe we todæg wurðiað

      Note: One leaf is lost between fol. 19 which ends 'mid þam synfullum æt' and fol. 27 which begins 'wyðe [sic] astyred'.

      Decoration: 'Se godspellere': elaborate red S.


  10. Item: Fols 27v/13, 18rv, 22r-v (Quires 6-7)

      Title (B.1.1.36): Ælfric, First Series of Homilies [Catholic Homilies I]: Dedicatio ecclesiae sancti Michaelis

      Title (manuscript): Dedicatio sancti michaelis archangeli.

      Incipit: Manegum is cuð

      Explicit: (Fol. 22v/32) (ends imperfectly) ... hæfð he swa miccle

      Note: Two leaves are missing after fol. 18 which ends 'undergeaton þæt se'; fol. 22 begins 'gafol oððe tol' and ends 'hæfð he swa miccle'.

      Decoration: 'Manegum': Elaborate red and black M with foliate decoration.


  11. Item: Fols 25r-v (Quire 7)

      Title (B. Anonymous Homilies: Vercelli Homilies: Homily IV

      Incipit: (Begins imperfectly) fram gode. to þe cumen.

      Explicit: (Ends imperfectly) þær ongean. þe |

      Text Language: English


  12. Item: fols 45r-48r (Quire 10)

      Title: Historia Kenelmi principis Merciorum OR Vita Brevior S. Kenelmi

      Text Language: Latin

      Note: Two scribes


  13. Item: Fol. 48r/margin (Quire 10)

      Title: extract from Vita et miraculi S. Kenelmi, 8-12 plus a brief ending

      Explicit: (ends:) qui uiuit ˥ regnat per omnia secula seculorum amen

      Text Language: Latin


  14. Item: Fol. 48v/2-4

      Title (B.16.23.1): Worcester: List of Books

      Text Language: English

      Note: Ker notes: 'A list of eleven books, all but two of which are stated to be englisce.' (Ker 1957, p. 110)


  15. Item: Fols 48v/5-50v/15

      Title (B.4.2): Vision Literature: Vision of Leofric

      Title (manuscript): Visio Leofrici

      Incipit: Her gesutelað ða gesihðe ðe leofric eorl gesæh.

      Decoration: 'Visio Leofrici': Pencilled in rough majuscules by an early hand at the head of the text.


  16. Item: Fol. 51r/8-23

      Title: Sequence for Epiphany

      Text Language: Latin

  17. Item: Fol. 52r/1-59

      Title: A Letter

      Incipit (Latin): Hubertus Abbas. Westmon' ˥ Edwinus prior eiusdem loci. uenerabili priori Wigornie | …’

      Explicit: laudando creatorem qui ouem suam reduxit ad gregem. Vale.

      Text Language: Latin


  18. Item: Fol. 52r/16-105r

      Title: Charm

      Incipit (Latin): + In nomine p. et f. et s. s. amen + Ire + arex + Christe + rauex + filiax + | arafax + N. Medicina contra febres.

      Text Language: Latin

  19. Item: Fol. 52v

      Title: Constitutions for monks

      Text Language: Latin

Physical Description:

Object Description:

Form: codex

Support: Folios 1-53 are paper of s. xv. Remainder of manuscript is vellum, arranged HHFF.







Extent: Quire 11 of varying dimensions.

Foliation and/or Pagination:

iv + 53 + 52 + ii. Foliation in ink throughout, although most is not visible on the microfiche: one set of foliation, paper 1-53; first two leaves of vellum initially foliated 54, 55, then refoliated as 1 onwards. Flyleaf iiiv has ink '367' in top right corner and a Corpus Christi College ex libris plate; ivv has an ink '36' in top left corner.


Collation appears to be as James 1912 suggests: Paper 110, 210, 312 (wants 10-12), 414, 510. Parchment is as Ker suggests: 18, wants 7 and 8 (now forms fols 1, 2, 7-10), 23 (a singleton and bifolium originally leaves 3, 4, 5 of a quire of eight, now fols 21, 20, 26), 32 (a middle bifolium, now fols 17, 29), 48 wants 2, 7 (now fols 23, 6, 3-5, 24), 58 wants 7 and 8 (now fols 11-16), 64 (two bifolia, leaves 2 and 3 of a quire of 8, now fols 28, 19, 27, 18), 72 (a bifolium, perhaps leaf 2 of a quire, now fols 22, 25). Ker suggests that Quires 5 and 6 were adjacent, as were 4 and 5. Furthermore, a quire is missing between 3 and 4, leaves are missing after 1 and 2, and an indeterminate number of leaves are missing at the beginning and end; 812 (Logica Quaedam), 93, 108 wants 1, 7, 8 (fols 48-49), 112 (fols 50-51).


The condition of the first, paper part of the codex is good. The condition of the membrane quires is less so. Evidently, poor quality substrate was used, and in some cases, endpieces were used to their maximum potential. Poor quality membrane was certainly employed for fols 3-6, 11-29. There is a hole at fol. 16/13-14 around which text is written, and holes appear at the bottom of fol. 4. There are water stains at fols 5v, 10r, 18, 20, 26. Repairs have been done at fols 17, 23, 24. In the case of Quire 1 (fols 1, 2, 7-10), it appears that scraps of parchment were employed for the copying of De Temporibus: 39 lines of writing are squashed into the space at fol. 2v, and space is at a premium on the misshapen leaves (fol. 7 is irregular) in this quire. Fol. 51 is damaged also, with a number of holes, one measuring 30 x 25 mm.

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