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Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, 322

The Production and Use of English Manuscripts: 1060 to 1220

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Gregory's Dialogues

Date: s. xi2


Old English translation of Gregory's Dialogues, referred to as 'C' in Hecht 1900.

Twelfth-century Latin glosses occur on fol. 20: at fol. 20r/6, 'geciged' glossed 'vocat[us]'; 'hwæðre' glossed 'tam[en]'; at fol. 20r/8: 'nemne' glossed 'n[isi]'; at fol. 20r/10, 14: 'teohhode' glossed 'predestinata'; 'stihtode' glossed 'predestinata'; at fol. 20r/22: 'forestihtung' glossed 'predestinatio'; at fol. 20r/26: 'gecigd' glossed 'uocabitur'; at fol. 20v/3: 'hwæðre' glossed 'tam[en]'; at fol. 20v/5: 'unwæstmbære' glossed 'sterilis'. In the thirteenth century Latin incipits and explicits were added.

Manuscript Items:

  1. Item: fols 1r-157v

      Title (B.9.5): Gregory the Great, Dialogues: Werferth of Worcester's Old English Translation of Gregory the Great's Dialogi

      Rubric (initial): (fol. 1r) Incipit liber primus dialogorum beati gregorii pape

      Incipit: (fol. 1r) Ic ALFRED geofendum criste mid cynehades mærnysse geƿeorðod

      Explicit: (fol. 157v) ær urum deaðe gode lác ond licƿyðe onsægdnes

      Rubric (final): (fol. 157v) Explicit liber quartus dialogorum beati gregorii pape


Physical Description:

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Form: Codex


The manuscript is parchment, many folios of which show some signs of damage. The opening folio is water-damaged, and shows other stains and a hole. None of the damage impairs legibility. There are some wormholes which also go through the Parkerian flyleaves, suggesting they are post-sixteenth century. The bottom outer corner of the entire manuscript has suffered rodent damage (contra Budny 1997, I, p. 627, who says the upper corners are damaged), with the exception of the last quire. One leaf is missing between fols 142 and 143. Budny states that '[p]arts of the script and decoration have been lost in the trimmed margins', but this is not the case (1997, p. 627).


Foliation and/or Pagination: Fols iv + 157 + iv, foliated in pencil (i-iv), 1-157, (158-61).



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