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Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, 191

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Bilingual Rule of Chrodegang

Date: s. xi3/4


A bilingual copy, in Latin and English, of the enlarged version of Regula Canonicorum by Chrodegang, bishop of Metz (742-66). Written by one scribe at Exeter in the eleventh century, from an exemplar from Winchester. Each Latin chapter of the text is followed by an English translation.

Manuscript Items:

  1. Item: pp. 1/1-2/6

      Title: Untitled preface to Chrodegang of Metz, Regula Canonicorum

      Title (manuscript): (p. 1/1-2) De ordine canonicorum. Martilogium. liber utilis exceptis omnibus expositionibus in anglico

      Incipit (Latin): (p. 1/4-6) SI TRECENTORUM DECEM ET | OCTO RELIQVORUM SANCTORUM PATRVM | canonum auctoritas inuiolata.

      Text Language: Latin

      Hand: The manuscript title is added at top margin by a thirteenth century hand.


  2. Item: p. 2/7-27

      Title (B. Chrodegang of Metz, Regula Canonicorum: Preface

      Incipit: (p. 2/7-8) Gif þæra þreo hundred 7 eahta tyne fædra þe | wæron gesamnode on þam sinoðe þe ƿe nicena nemnað

      Explicit: (p. 2/27) to myrhðe geladan gif we willað ure yflu gebeaten. Ges.

      Text Language: English

      Note: Abrupt ending due to the loss of the following page. Current pp. 3-4 was inserted in the sixteenth-century.


  3. Item: pp. 5/1-7/16
  4. Item: pp. 7/18-11/23

      Title (B. Chrodegang of Metz, Regula Canonicorum: Chapter list

      Incipit: Be eadmodnysse

      Explicit: Be þam þæt preostas hi ƿarnien ƿyð þa scinlacan hiƿinga | deofla prettes.

      Text Language: English

      Note: A strip with Parkerian transcription and Weelock's corrections is now between p. 8 and p. 9. It was originally pasted to the upper area of p. 8.


  5. Item: pp. 11/24-169/17

      Title (B.10.4.1): Chrodegang of Metz, Regula Canonicorum

      Incipit (Latin): (p. 11/24-25) .I. DE HUMILITATE. | Clamat nobis diuina scriptura dicens

      Incipit: (p. 12/19-20) .I. Be eaðmodnysse . | Vs clipað þæt halige geƿwrit. 7 þus cƿyð to us

      Explicit: (p. 169/15-17) þa ageat openlice se earma | bearn lea sa ceorl hƿæne he under feneg . oððe | hƿæne se biscop ut hæfde adræfed.

      Text Language: Latin and English; each chapter in Latin is followed by a translation into English.

      Other versions of the text:


Physical Description:

Object Description:

Form: Codex

Support: The manuscript was written on leaves of parchment of rough preparation. Modern paper flyleaves. Graham 2003 notes that the 'brownish' leaves are 'often grainy and scaly' and remarks upon the number of original holes present in the volume. Leaf ordering is HFHF (p. 43).

Extent: pp. 1-169 (Dimensions given below are approximate for some leaves due to subsequent damage.)

Foliation and/or Pagination: Pagination written in upper right corner of verso leaves in Parkerian red crayon.



The first quire of the manuscript has been extensively damaged. Leaves in this quire have suffered from rot and staining (Graham 2003, p. 44). Some text from the preface and table of chapters has been lost. The manuscript has been repaired in both the sixteenth- and twentieth- centuries.

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