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The Production and Use of English Manuscripts 1060 to 1220

Orietta Da Rold

London, British Library, Domitian viii

London, British Library, Domitian viii

The Production and Use of English Manuscripts: 1060 to 1220

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Date: s. xi/xii


The manuscript contains a collection of items prefaced by Cotton's table of contents. It comprises 10 items (see the excellent full descriptions in the British Library Catalogue and Dumville 1995, pp. 11-13). Item 3, fols 30-70, contains the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle (F-text), which begins 'Britene igland ys ehta hund mila [lang]' and ends at the bottom of fol. 70v in the annal for 1058 '7 Siward abbod to biscope to ro[feceastre]' (see, Baker 2000). Each annal is followed by a Latin version. There are additions in the margin, between the lines, on erasure, and on a small inserted leaf (fol. 60). These are followed by Latin versions. Some additions relate to Kentish affairs and especially to Christ Church and the archbishops. Some entries are textually almost identical to additions to the Parker Chronicle made at Christ Church. There are a few additions in Latin in a hand of s. xi/xii (Ker 1957, p. 187) on fols 35v 36r/v, 38v; this hand is 'similar in style to the Norman hands found in several writs of this period' (Baker 2000, pp. xxiii-xxiv).

Manuscript Items:

  1. Item: fols 30r-70v

      Title (B.17.3): Chronicles and Historical Texts: Anglo-Saxon Chronicle

      Incipit: (fol. 30r) Britene igland ys eahta hund mila [lang]

      Explicit: (fol. 70v) ond Siƿard abbod to biscope to ro[feceastre]


  2. Item: fols 30r-70v

Physical Description:

Object Description:

Form: Codex

Support: Parchment

Extent: Fols 30 - 70

Foliation and/or Pagination: Formerly foliated 29-69, the more recent foliation is 30-70.



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