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London, British Library, Cotton Cleopatra B. xiii, fols 1-58

London, British Library, Cotton Cleopatra B. xiii, fols 1-58

The Production and Use of English Manuscripts: 1060 to 1220

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Homilies; Coronation oath; Paternoster and Creed

Date: s. xi3/4


A collection of homilies and other pieces, that used to be in the same manuscript as, Lambeth 489, and possibly CCCC 421. It includes items from Ælfric's first series of Catholic Homilies (fols 7v-12, 13-31), sermons and dedications and a version of the Paternoster and Creed: '[Ð]u ure fæder....sy hit swa. Ic gelyfe on god fæder almihtigne...' (fol. 58r-v).

Now bound with the revised version of the Vita S. Dunstani by 'B', s. xi1, and a chronicle attributed to Peter of Ickham.

The manuscript, as it now exists, show signs of having been disordered at some point in its history. The sequencing of texts was disrupted when the manuscript came into the hands of sixteenth-century antiquarians, and it is still incorrectly sequenced.

Manuscript Items:

  1. Item: fols 2-7v

      Title (B. Anonymous Homilies [for unspecified occasions, published]: Napier 1883 [1967], no. 40: 'In die iudicii'

      Rubric (initial): In die iudicii

      Incipit: Leofan men utan dó swa us þearf is beon swiðe gemyndige

      Note: A new paragraph begins at 'Eala' (Napier 188/11). Lines 10-18 on fol. 7v are blank.


  2. Item: fols 7v/19-12

      Title (B.1.1.19): Ælfric, First Series of Homilies [Catholic Homilies I]: Second Sunday after Easter

      Rubric (initial): Dominicia .II. post pascha.

      Incipit: Dixit iesus discipulis suis. Ego sum pastor bonus . . . Ðis godspell þe nú gerǽd wǽs

      Note: Fol. 12 is blank.


  3. Item: fols 13-31r

      Title (B.1.1.2): Ælfric, First Series of Homilies [Catholic Homilies I]: De Initio Creaturae

      Rubric (initial): Incipit liber catholicorum sermonum anglice in anno. primus sermo de initio creature. quando uolueris.

      Incipit: An angin is.


  4. Item: fols 31-38

      Title (B.2.3.6): Wulfstan, Archiepiscopal Functions: The Dedication of a Church

      Rubric (initial): De dedicatione eclesiae.

      Incipit: Leofan men ic wille (alt. to wylle) eow nu cyðan.

      Note: Fol. 43v is blank.


  5. Item: fols 38-43

      Title (B.2.3.5): Wulfstan, Archiepiscopal Functions: The Consecration of a Bishop

      Rubric (initial): Lectio Secundum Lucam. DIxit iesus discipulis suis. Ego mittam promissum . . . Be biscophadum.

      Incipit: Leofan men se halga godspellere lucas. geswuttelode on his godspelle

      Note: fol. 43v is blank.


  6. Item: fols 44-55v

      Title (B.3.2.52.EM): Anonymous Homilies, Homilies for Specified Occasions, Temporale: Sunday Before Rogationtide

      Rubric (initial): Dominica ante rogationum.

      Incipit: Men ða leofestan us gedafenað ǽrest þǽt we gemunan. 7 gereccan be gode ǽlmihtigum.

      Note: According to Ker 1957, the borrowings from Ælfric's homily are as follows: (a) Th. 246/27-29 amplified at fol. 49v/3-12 after 'hǽbbe' (cf. Vercelli, fol. 108/12);-(b) Th. 246/1, 'swa-lifes', at fol. 51/15, 16 after 'sǽ' (V fol. 108v/ 10); -(c) Th. 246/5-8, '7 axodon - fleon', at fol. 51v/12-18 after 'eall' (V fol. 108v/18);-(d) Th. 246/8-10, 'Hi-dydon', at fol. 52/1-5 after 'mihte' (V fol. 108v/20);-(e) Th. 246/10, 11, '7 seo-forð', at fol. 52/6-9 after 'gebǽdon' (V fol.108v/20);-(f) Th 246 /12, 13, '7 se forswealh þone witegan', at fol. 52/10, 11 after 'hwǽl' (V fol. 108v/20);-(g) Th. 246/13, 14, '7 abǽr - aspau', at fol. 52/13-15 after niht (V fol. 108v-21); -(h) Th. 246/14-18, 'þa com-noldon', at fol. 52/16-52v/5 after 'staðe' (V fol. 108v/24) ;-(i) Th. 246/19, 20, 'to his lice-sceolde', at fol. 52v/18-53/2 after 'ymbscrydde' (V fol. 108v/31);-(j) Th. 246/21, 'ge ða sucendan cild', at fol. 53/5, 6 after 'menn' (V fol. 109/1);-(k) Th. 246/23, 24, 'þurh þǽt strange fǽsten', at fol. 52/11, 12, after 'forgeaf' (V fol. 109/3);-(l) Th. 244/17-20, 'Eac wearð-forbǽrned', at fol. 54/6-12 after 'com' (V fol. 109/18);-(m) Th. 244/21-22, '7 seo-gesomnunge', at fol. 54v/15-18 after 'afyrrednysse' (V fol 109/28);-(n) Th. 244/11-14, 'Hi synd-forgyfennysse', at fol. 55/2-9 after 'gehealdene' (V fol. 109/29). Fol. 55v/14-19 and recto and verso of fol. 55* are blank.

      Also in the Vercelli manuscript at fol. 106v, and elsewhere, but conflated here by combining the story of the earthquake at Vienne and of Jonah and the Whale given in Vercelli with the account of the same events given by Ǽlfric in his Rogationtide homily.


  7. Item: fols 56-57

      Title (B.14.19): Promissio Regis

      Rubric (initial): Promissio regis

      Incipit: Ðis gewrit is gwriten stǽf be stǽfe. be þam gewrite þe dunstan arcebiscop sealde urum hlaforde ǽt cingestune.

      Note: Lines 18-23 on fol. 57v are blank.


  8. Item: fol. 57v

      Title (B.1.4.8): Ælfric, Homilies of Ælfric: Dominica V Post Pascha

      Incipit: Sume menn niton gewiss for heora nytenysse.

      Note: A homily assigned in other copies to the 5th or 6th Sunday after Easter. Ends abruptly 'to Weorcum him þearfe' (Belfour 12/18). Lines 22, 23 on fol. 57 are blank.


  9. Item: fol. 58r

      Title (B.3.4.25): Anonymous Homilies [for unspecified occasions, published]: Napier 1883 [1967], no. 27: 'To eallum folce'

      Incipit: 7 þurh mǽgslihtas. þurh hlafordswicas.

      Note: Part of a line above the present top line has been cut away and replaced by a strip of paper bearing the words '7 þurh fǽla mysdǽda. Ðurh manslihtas' (s. xvi).


  10. Item: fols 58r-v

      Title (B.12.4.1): Pater Noster

      Rubric (initial): Her is se geleafa 7 gebéd. 7 bletsung lǽwedum mannum þe þǽt leden ne cunnon. [P]ater noster on englisc.

      Incipit: [Ð]u ure fǽder ... sy hit swa. Ic gelyfe on god fǽder almihtigne ...

      Note: Paternoster and Creed. Lines 12-23 on fol. 58v are blank.


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Form: Codex

Support: Parchment

Extent: i + 58

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