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London, British Library, Cotton Claudius D. iii

London, British Library, Cotton Claudius D. iii

The Production and Use of English Manuscripts: 1060 to 1220

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Rule of St. Benedict

Date: s. xiiiin


A manuscript containing seven items, including Anglo-Norman verses (see, Dean 1999, ns 344 and 953) inventories and calendars (see, British Library Catalogue). It is uncertain when the manuscript was put together but all items seem to be related to Witney. Item 6, fols 52-140r, is a copy of the Benedictine Rule, IPEMP 98, in alternate chapters of Latin and English, starting at 'Et uerum. Qui habet aures audiendri.' (see, Schröer 1888 and Ker 1957, p. xix).

Manuscript Items:

  1. Item: fols 52r-140v

      Title (B.10.3.4): Benedict, Rule

      Incipit (Latin): (fol. 52r) [I]n nomine sancte trinitatis incipit unt regule prologas sancti monialium eximii patris beatissimi benedicti abbatis

      Incipit: (fol. 54r) Her onsynð ures halies fæder regolan sanctus Benedictus. Se hur ðu min bearn beboda þines lareoƿes ond onhyld þinre hurte eare

      Explicit (Latin): (fol. 139v) ettunc demum ad maiora que supra commemorauimus doctrine uirtutum que culmina deo protegente preuenies

      Explicit: (fol. 140r) Ece lif to leane ond ƿunung mid gode ealle þam þe þisse regole hlyðelice fyliað


Physical Description:

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Form: codex

Support: parchment

Extent: fols 50-140

Foliation and/or Pagination: iii (paper)+164+iv (paper).


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