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London, British Library, Additional 46204

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Worcester Cartulary Fragments

Date: s. xi2


One leaf and two strips of a second leaf from a Worcester cartulary, a portion of which is preserved in Nero E. i, fols 181-84. Old English text appears on the recto, column 1, lines 1-15, and both recto and verso of the two strips. The Latin and Old English contents of these fragments (British Library Catalogue) are printed in Stevenson (1911, pp. 199-212).

Manuscript Items:

  1. Item: complete leaf, recto/col. 1

      Title (B.15.5.1): Charters: Miscellaneous Texts: Memorandum on Land at Bromsgrove, Worcs Sawyer 1432

      Incipit: he his ærendgewrit to wulfhearde

      Explicit: syþþan a oþ his daga ende . gode gefultimendum :-

      Text Language: English

      Note: Continues from BL Cotton Nero, E. i. part 2, Item 7.

      Sawyer 1432, dated 822×823. 'Memorandum concerning King Ceolwulf's request for land at Bromsgrove, Worcster, from Bishop Heahberht and his community, and a consequent attempt by Wulfheard to obtain possession of Inkberrow, Worcester' (Sawyer and Keynes 2013).


  2. Item: complete leaf, recto/col. 1

      Incipit (Latin): Flædanbyrig Apostolus paulus de extremo iudicio domini manifestissime loquens ita refert.

      Explicit (Latin): Ego berhtred. Ego oftfor episcopus donationem quam a rege accepi propria manu subnoto.

      Text Language: Latin

      Note: Sawyer 76, dated 691×699


  3. Item: complete leaf, recto/cols 1-2

      Rubric (initial): Flædan byrig.

      Incipit (Latin): Reuerentissime memorie pontificis ostfori.

      Explicit (Latin): Æþelric. æþelƿard æþelbriht. omuling. abbas. hi sunt confirmatores et testes huiusce donationis.

      Text Language: Latin

      Note: Sawyer 1252, dated 699×717


  4. Item: complete leaf, recto/col. 2

      Rubric (initial): Cenylfes freols.

      Incipit (Latin): In nomine dei excelsi qui est spes omnium finium terre. et in mari longe.

      Explicit (Latin): Ego mucel dux. Ego ceolfƿulf consensi.

      Text Language: Latin

      Note: Sawyer 172, dated 814


  5. Item: complete leaf, verso/col. 1

      Rubric (initial): Fledebyrig

      Incipit (Latin): Ego etiam cenulf rex merciorum eodem honorabili episcopo deneberhto et eius familiæ ƿeogornensis æcclesiæ post uite meæ do terram.

      Explicit (Latin): Si uero quod non optamus aliquis hoc in aliquo frangere uel minuere temptauerit. sciat se alientum a deo in die magno. nisi ante hic correctus cum satisfactione. emendauerit et ad dignam penitentiam uenerit.

      Text Language: Latin

      Note: Sawyer 185, dated 798×824


  6. Item: complete leaf, verso/cols 1-2

      Rubric (initial): Breodun.

      Incipit (Latin): In nomine imnipotentis dei et domini nostri iesu christi qui uiuit et regnat in saecula.

      Explicit (Latin): Signum eadboldi principis. Signum eadboldi ducis.

      Text Language: Latin

      Note: Sawyer 116, dated 780


  7. Item: complete leaf, verso/col. 2

      Rubric (initial): Stoltun. and ƿassaburna. and kineburhtun and tateringtun and codeswæl

      Incipit (Latin): Alto etiam agio deo nostro ac sanctæ ac gloriose trinitati uirtus honor et potesta sit in euum.

      Explicit (Latin): Ego kineberht dux . Ego sigered dux .

      Text Language: Latin

      Note: Continues to BL Cotton Nero, E. i. part 2, Item 8.

      Sawyer 192, dated 840


  8. Item: strips, recto

      Title (B.15.5.8): Miscellaneous Texts: Settlement of a Dispute, Bishop Wærferth and Eadnoth Sawyer 1446

      Addition: ... minre a ... | ... presbyter ... | ... presbyter ... | ... presbyter ... |

      Text Language: English

      Note: Fragmentary, only few words. Sawyer 1446, dated 903. 'Settlement of a dispute between Wærferth, bishop, and Eadnoth, concerning land at Sodbury, Gloucs' (Sawyer and Keynes 2013).


  9. Item: strips, recto

      Addition: ... ndan gen ... | ... STOCE. ÆÐEL ... | ... þegn clericus... |

      Text Language: Latin with English bounds.

      Note: Fragmentary text. Sawyer 1346, dated 984.


  10. Item: strips, recto

      Title (B.15.3.20): Charters: Bishop's Charters: Bishop Oswald to Æthelweard Sawyer 1317

      Incipit: ... ÆÐELWE ...

      ... go christi ...

      Text Language: Latin with English and English bounds.

      Note: Fragmentary, only few words. Sawyer 1317, dated 969. Oswald, bishop, to Æthelweard, his minister; lease, for three lives, of 2 hides (mansae) at Stoke Bishop, Gloucs., with reversion to the bishopric (Sawyer and Keynes 2013).


  11. Item: strips, verso

      Title (B.15.3.35): Charters: Bishop's Charters: Archbishop Oswald to Æthelmær Sawyer 1362

      Incipit: ... oman. Ic ... | ... ge sumbe

      Explicit: ... æs croftes þærto ... | ... on þæt ilce gerad ...

      Text Language: English with bounds.

      Note: Fragmentary. Sawyer 1362, dated 990. 'Oswald, archbishop, to Æthelmær, his man; lease, for three lives, of 1 hide at Compton Greenfield and 1 at Marsh, Gloucs., in return for 2 pounds of silver and livestock, with postscript granting the worthig at Brynes hamme which Æthelm owned. Bounds of Marsh' (Sawyer and Keynes 2013). [xx]


  12. Item: strips, verso

      Incipit (Latin): ... sul dominicæ incarnationis ...

      Explicit (Latin): ... forde . of stanforda

      Text Language: Latin with English bounds.

      Note: Fragmentary. Sawyer 1304, dated 963. [xx]


Physical Description:

Object Description:

Form: One leaf + two fragments

Support: Parchment


Condition: The leaf, which was cut in half for a binding, is now taped together. Two strips are from a single leaf. The fragments are kept in a wooden frame between two sheets of plastic.


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