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The Production and Use of English Manuscripts 1060 to 1220

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London, British Library, Additional 28188

London, British Library, Additional 28188

The Production and Use of English Manuscripts: 1060 to 1220

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Date: s. xi2


Litanies in a Pontifical (fols 1-76v) and Benedictional (fols 77r-166v) text. They are, according to Dewick, an 'East Anglian type adapted for use at Exeter Cathedral' (1921, pp. 613-18). The greater litany contains the names of numerous Anglo-Saxon saints, including saint Ægelflæd, an abbess of Romsey, who also occurs in the lesser litany.

Manuscript Items:

  1. Item: fols 2-4v, 7r

      Title (B.18.12.EM): Lists of Kings, Saints, and Bishops in Litanies

      Text Language: Latin, with names of English saints.

      Other versions of the text: The litanies are also found in London British Library, Cotton Vitellius A.vii, fols 17v-18r, 20r, copied in s. xi1 (Ker 1957, item 213).


Physical Description:

Object Description:

Form: Codex

Support: Parchment. Flyleaves are modern paper.


Foliation and/or Pagination: Fols [ii], 1-166, [ii].


Fol. 153 is blank and glued at the inner edge to fol. 152. Fols 1r and 166v are stained and worn, suggesting that the manuscript was unbound for a long time. Drage suggests that the manuscript may originally have been designed as 'two booklets' (Pontifical and a Benedictional), which were 'easily portable' (Drage 1978, p. 359).

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