production and use english manuscripts 1060 to 1220 The University of leicester logo University of leeds
Edited by Orietta Da Rold, Takako Kato, Mary Swan and Elaine Treharne
(University of Leicester, 2010; last update 2013), ISBN 095323195X

production and use english manuscripts 1060 to 1220 1. Intellectual Origins:   Post-Conquest OE Literature (MS)  |  Intro to Rewriting OE (MS & ET) |  Background  |  Questions

Research questions

The Project sought to establish the corpus, demonstrate its validity within English literary culture, and illustrate its implications for a wholesale reinterpretation of textual production in the post-Conquest period. It has addressed fundamental research questions about vernacular textual culture and the strategic use of written English in a period that saw both continuity and innovation from pre- to post-Conquest England and thence, from c. 1220 into the later medieval period. The Project is a reflection of a pressing need for a wide-ranging study that investigates manuscripts and texts in English, situated within the wider cultural context, to examine the relationship between languages, language usage, and regional and national production of English.

Our principal research questions: