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Edited by Orietta Da Rold, Takako Kato, Mary Swan and Elaine Treharne
(University of Leicester, 2010; last update 2013), ISBN 095323195X

Introduction to the List of Manuscripts

We have now expanded our list of manuscripts to provide additional information in tabular form of content, date and possible provenance of manuscripts. This new list is based on Elaine Treharne's working grid. It was extended with reference to catalogues and published studies as well as through scholars' generously provided information. We would like to thank Michael W. Twomey for letting us know about London, British Library, Cotton, Domitian i. This list also functions as a Portal to our Manuscripts Descriptions.

We are still collecting our data and expect that the list will be subject to modification as the work of the project progresses. Please note that the Manuscripts Descriptions are also provisional. Descriptions are published in this Catalogue as we produce them for the first time in order to make our data available as widely and rapidly as possible. We will update Descriptions as the work of the project continues, by adding new ones and by emending existing ones. Bookmark this site to keep up to date with changes.

We welcome all contributions of corrections, comments and additional information. Please send these to us using the feedback form. We will acknowledge all contributions we use.

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