production and use english manuscripts 1060 to 1220 The University of leicester logo University of leeds
Edited by Orietta Da Rold, Takako Kato, Mary Swan and Elaine Treharne
(University of Leicester, 2010; last update 2013), ISBN 095323195X

List of Manuscripts

Place Repository Collection Shelf Mark Ker Content Location Date
BrusselsBibliothèque Royale 8558-63[10]OE annotation on blank leafUnknowns.xii1
Cambridge Corpus Christi College 9 + BL Cotton Nero E. i, vol. 1, vol. 2, fols 1-180, 87, 88[29]Glosses and directions to a readerWorcesters.ximed-2
CambridgeCorpus Christi College 23[31]English glosses and titles added to Latin textsMalmesburys.ximed, s.xi2 or s.xi/xii
CambridgeCorpus Christi College 111, pp. 7-8, 55-56[35] Relic Lists, Manumissions, Agreement of ConfraternityBaths.xi2
CambridgeCorpus Christi College 140[35] Manumissions added to the Gospels; HomilyBaths.xi2-xii
CambridgeCorpus Christi College 173, fols 1-56[39]English addition to text of Anglo-Saxon ChronicleCanterbury, Christ Church by c. 1070s.xi2-xii1
CambridgeCorpus Christi College 178[41]Marginal Notes; additionsWorcesters.xi2; s.xiiiin
CambridgeCorpus Christi College 183[42]English land grant added to a manuscript of Bede’s Latin prose and verse Lives of CuthbertDurhams.xi2
CambridgeCorpus Christi College 190[45] Ecclesiastical Institutes, etc Exeters.ximed, s.xi2
CambridgeCorpus Christi College 191[46] Bilingual Rule of Chrodegang Exeters.xi3/4
CambridgeCorpus Christi College 196[47] Martyrology; Vindicta SalvationsExeters.xi3/4
CambridgeCorpus Christi College 198[48] HomiliesUnknown s.xi2, s.xiii1
CambridgeCorpus Christi College 201[49B]; [50]49A: Regularis concodia; Bede, De die judicii
49B: Homilies by Ælfric and Wulfstan, Apollonius, laws etc.
50: Capitula of Theodulf, homily
Unknown (49)
Exeter (50)
CambridgeCorpus Christi College 265[53] Directions for a confessor; Law; GlossesWorcesters.xi2
CambridgeCorpus Christi College 302[56] Ælfric: Hexameron, HomiliesUnknowns.xiiin
CambridgeCorpus Christi College 303[57] HomiliesRochesters.xiimed
CambridgeCorpus Christi College 321[59]A dialogue on AlleluiaUnknowns.ximed
CambridgeCorpus Christi College 322[60] Gregory's Dialogues Unknowns.xi2
CambridgeCorpus Christi College 367[62]; [63]; [64] Homilies, Vision of Leofric, etc.Unknowns.ximed; s.xi2; s.xii
CambridgeCorpus Christi College 383[65] Law codes and related textsLondon, St Paul'ss.xiiin
CambridgeCorpus Christi College 391[67] Prayers, Prognostics, etc.Worcesters.xi2; s.xi/xii; s.xiiiin
CambridgeCorpus Christi College 421[69] HomiliesExeters.xi3/4
CambridgeCorpus Christi College 422[70B]Notes on computus and headings in a missalUnknowns.ximed
CambridgeCorpus Christi College 473[72]ScribbleWinchester, St Swithun's Cathedral Priorys.xi2
CambridgeCorpus Christi College 557[73] Legend of the Holy Cross before Christ (fragments) s.ximed
CambridgePembroke College 82[75]Verse sentences in EnglishSt Albans, Tynemouths.xii/xiii
CambridgePembroke College 83[76]List of paymentsBury St Edmundss.xi/xii
CambridgePembroke College 302[78]Boundaries of the see of HerefordHereford Cathedrals.xi2
CambridgePembroke College 312[79]Continuous Psalter-glossUnknowns.ximed
CambridgeSidney Sussex College 100, pt. II[82]Liturgical directionsUnknowns.ximed
CambridgeTrinity College B. 11. 2[84]Note of a gift in Latin and EnglishExeters.xi2
CambridgeTrinity College B. 14. 52  Homilies and Poema MoraleSouth Easts.xii2; xiii
CambridgeTrinity College B. 15. 34[86] HomiliesCanterburys.ximed, s.xi2 and s.xii2
CambridgeTrinity College O. 2. 1[93]WritUnknowns.xii2
CambridgeTrinity College O. 2. 31[95]GlossesCanterbury, Christ Churchs.ximed
CambridgeTrinity College R. 7. 28[88]Bede's Death SongBury St Edmundss.xiimed
CambridgeTrinity College R. 9. 17 (819)[89] Ælfric's Grammar, Dicts of Cato, GlossesUnknowns.xi/xii
CambridgeTrinity College R. 15. 32[90]Note requesting a copy of verseUnknowns.xiex
CambridgeTrinity College R. 17. 1 [91] Eadwine Palter Canterbury, Christ Churchs.xiimed, perhaps c. 1160
CambridgeUniversity LibraryAdd.3206[11] Ecclesiastical lawSouth Wests.xi2
CambridgeUniversity Library Ff. 1. 23[13] Continuous GlossesWinchcombes.ximed, s.xi2
CambridgeUniversity Library Ff. 1. 27 + CCCC 66[14]Verses 'De Situ Dunelmi'Sawley, Cistercian Abbey, Yorkshires.xiiex
CambridgeUniversity Library Hh. 1. 10[17]Ælfric's Grammar and Glossary; AdditionsExeters.xi3/4-xiiiin
CambridgeUniversity Library Ii. 1. 33 [18] Homilies and lives of saintsSouth Easts.xii2
CambridgeUniversity Library Ii. 2. 4 [19]King Alfred's translation of Gregory the Great, The Pastoral Care Exeters.xi3/4
CambridgeUniversity Library Ii. 2. 11 + Exeter Cathedral 3501[20] Gospels; ManumissionsExeters.xi3/4-xii1
CambridgeUniversity Library Ii. 4. 6[21]HomiliesUnknowns.ximed
CambridgeUniversity Library Kk. 3. 18 [23] Bede, Historia Ecclesiastica Worcesters.xi2
CambridgeUniversity Library Kk. 5. 32[26]Note in Old EnglishUnknowns.xi/xii
CambridgeUniversity Library Mm. 4. 28[28]Godric's PrayerBucks, Biddlesden Priorys.xii/xiii
CanterburyCathedral LibraryAdd.20[97] Rule of Chrodegang (fragment) Canterbury, Christ Churchs.xi2
Clitheroe, LancsStonyhurst College 69[386]Bede's Death SongUnknowns.xii1
Cologny, Geneve, SwitzerlandBibliotheca BodmerianaBodmer2[285]; [supp 124] Homily (fragment)Unknowns.xi2
DresdenSächsiche Landesbibliothek Dc. 187 + 160 + 186+ 185[102]Glosses, names of herbsUnknowns.xiimed
DublinTrinity College 174 (B. 4. 3)[103]ScribbleSalisburys.xi/xii
DublinTrinity College 492 (E. 2. 23)[104]Bede's Death SongBury St Edmundss.xiimed, s.xii2
DurhamCathedral Library B. IV. 24 [109]Bilingual Rule of St. BenedictUnknowns.xi2
DurhamCathedral LibraryHunter 100[110]Liber de medicina, compoto, et astronomia, including Latin-Old English herbal glossaryDurhams.xiiin
DurhamUniversity LibraryCosinV. ii. 6[110*]Bede's Death SongDurhams.xiiin
ElyCathedral Library C (or G) 60[113]WritUnknowns.xii/xiii
GlasgowUniversity LibraryHunter 229 Charm added to the Hunterian PsalterCanterbury?s.xii2
Gloucester Cathedral Library 35[117] Homilies and lives of saintsUnknowns.ximed-s.xi2
HaarlemStadsbibliotheek 188, fol. 53[supp 79] Continuous Psalter-glossUnknowns.ximed
HerefordCathedral Library P. i. 2[119]Records of a shire-moot and land purchaseHerefords.ximed
HerefordCathedral Library P. i. 17[120]GlossesCirencesters.xii/xiii
HerefordCathedral Library P. v. I + Bodleian, E. Mus. 93 (3632)[121]Cædmon’s HymnUnknowns.xii1
Lawrence, KansasKenneth Spencer Research LibraryPryceC2:1[supp 73]Legend of the Holy Cross before Christ (fragments)Worcesters.ximed
Lawrence, KansasKenneth Spencer Research LibraryPryceC2:2 (with Oxford Bodleian Hatton 115)[supp 332]Ælfric's Sermo in Natalie Unius Confessoris (fragment)Worcesters.xi2
LincolnCathedral Library 298, B[125] Hexateuch (fragment)Unknowns.xi2
LondonBritish LibraryAdd.9381[126]ManumissionsBodmins.xi/xii
LondonBritish LibraryAdd.28188[note in 213]List of Kings, Saints and Bishops in LitaniesExeters.xi2
LondonBritish LibraryAdd.34652[128]Rule of Chrodegang (fragment) Unknowns.xi2
LondonBritish LibraryAdd.40000[131]Inscription and entries in list of namesThorney Abbeys.xi2; s.xi/xii
LondonBritish LibraryAdd.46204 Worcester Cartulary (fragments)Worcesters.xi2
LondonBritish LibraryArundel60[134] Continuous gloss, etc., to Arundel PsalterWinchesters.xi2, 1099; s.xii
LondonBritish LibraryArundel155[135] Gloss to Prayers Canterbury, Christ Churchs.ximed
LondonBritish LibraryBurney277[136] Laws of Alfred and IneKentishs.xi2
LondonBritish LibraryCotton Caligula A. xiv[138]Lives of SaintsUnknowns.ximed
LondonBritish LibraryCotton Caligula A. xv [139A]; [139B] Computistica etc.; Ælfric's rendering of Bede's De temporibus anniCanterbury, Christ Church (Pt A);
Unknown (Pt B)
s.xi2; xi/xii; xii1
LondonBritish LibraryCotton Claudius B. iv[142]Annotations to an Illustrated Old English HexateuchCanterbury, St Augustine'ss.xiimed
LondonBritish LibraryCotton Claudius D. iii [p. xix] Rule of St. Benedict Wintneys.xiiiin
LondonBritish LibraryCotton Cleopatra B. xiii, fols 1-58[144]Homilies; Coronation oath; Paternoster and CreedExeters.xi3/4
LondonBritish LibraryCottonDomitian vii[147]ManumissionUnknowns.ximed, xii
LondonBritish LibraryCotton Domitian viii[148] ChronicleCanterbury, Christ Churchs.xi/xii
LondonBritish LibraryCotton Domitian ix[150]; [151] Chronicle; Names of RunesUnknowns.xi/xii; s.xii1
LondonBritish LibraryCotton Faustina A. v + Dublin Trinity College 114 (A. 5. 2)[152]Bede's Death SongDurhams.xii1
LondonBritish LibraryCotton Faustina A. ix[153] HomiliesSouth Easts.xii1
LondonBritish LibraryCotton Faustina A. x [154A]; [154B] Ælfric's Grammar, etc.; Rule of St. Benedict, etc.Unknowns.xi2; s.xii1;s.xii2; s.xiiex
LondonBritish LibraryCotton Faustina B. iii, fols 158-98 + Tiberius A. iii, fols 174-77[155]Translation of Regularis ConcordiaUnknowns.ximed
LondonBritish LibraryCotton Julius A. ii[158]; [159] Ælfric's Grammar; Dialogue of Adrian and Ritheus, Distichs of Cato, etc.Unknowns.ximed; s.xiimed
LondonBritish LibraryCotton Julius A. vi[160] Gloss to Hymnal Durhams.ximed
LondonBritish LibraryCotton Nero A. i[163] LawsUnknowns.ximed
LondonBritish LibraryCotton Nero E. i, pt 2 Worcester CartularyWorcester Cathedral Priorys.xi2
LondonBritish LibraryCotton Otho A. xiii [173] [Homilies]UnknownUncertain
LondonBritish LibraryCotton Otho B. x[178] Homilies (fragments)Unknowns.ximed
LondonBritish LibraryCotton Otho C. i, vol. 1+ Otho B. x, f. 51[181]Bull of Pope SergiusMalmesburys.ximed
LondonBritish LibraryCotton Otho C. i, vol. 2 [182] Gregory's Dialogues , Vitas Patrum, etc.Canterbury or Exeter (Pt 1)
Worcester (Pt 2-3)
s.ximed, s.xi2, s.xiii
LondonBritish LibraryCotton Tiberius A. ii + Claudius A. iii, fols 2-7, 9* + Faustina B. vi, vol. 1, fols 95, 98-100[185]Writ of Edward the ConfessorCanterbury, Christ Churchs.ximed; s.xi2
LondonBritish LibraryCotton Tiberius A. iii[186]Continuous glosses; Prayers; Homilies, etc.Canterbury, Christ Churchs.ximed; s.xi2; s.xiex;
LondonBritish LibraryCotton Tiberius A. xiii[190]Liber Wigorniensis; Hemming's CartularyWorcesters.xiex
LondonBritish LibraryCotton Tiberius B. i[191] Annotations to Orosius, Chronicle Unknowns.ximed; s.xi2; s.xi/xii; s.xiiiin
LondonBritish LibraryCotton Tiberius B. iv[192]ChronicleWorcester (?)s.ximed-2
LondonBritish LibraryCotton Tiberius C. i[196]; [197]Computistica; Astronomica; Pontifical; HomiliesPeterborough; Sherborne; Salisburys.xii1; s.xi2
LondonBritish LibraryCotton Tiberius C. vi[199] Gloss; HomilyUnknowns.ximed
LondonBritish LibraryCotton Titus A. iv [200] Rule of BenedictUnknowns.ximed
LondonBritish LibraryCotton Titus D. xxiv[201]Formulas for the visitation of the sickNottinghamshire, Cistercian Abbey of Ruffords.xii2
LondonBritish LibraryCotton Vespasian A. xxii  HomiliesRochesters.xiiex or xiiiin
LondonBritish LibraryCotton Vespasian D. xii [208]Glosses to Hymnal Unknowns.ximed
LondonBritish LibraryCotton Vespasian D. xiv [209] Homilies, etc.Canterbury, Christ Churchs.xiimed
LondonBritish LibraryCottonVespasian D. xxi, fols 18-40[344]Life of St. Guthlac; alphabetUnknowns.xi2; s.xii
LondonBritish LibraryCottonVitellius A. xii[214]Pater nosterUnknowns.xiiex
LondonBritish LibraryCotton Vitellius A. xv, fols 4-93[215] Religious Prose and Pastoral TextsUnknowns.xiimed
LondonBritish LibraryCotton Vitellius C. iii[218]; [219]Macer glosses, Pseudo-Apuleius, Herbarium, Macrobius, etc.Canterbury or Rochesters.xii
LondonBritish LibraryCotton Vitellius D. xvii [222] Homilies for Saints' DaysUnknowns.ximed
LondonBritish LibraryCotton Vitellius D. xx + Miscellaneous Burnt Cotton Fratments, Bundle I (16)[223][Old English poem: De situ Dunelmi]Durhams.xii
LondonBritish LibraryCotton Vitellius E. xviii [224] Gloss to PsalterWinchesters.ximed
LondonBritish LibraryHarley55[226] Laws of CnutUnknowns.xiimed
LondonBritish LibraryHarley107[227]Ælfric's Grammar (fragment) Kents.ximed
LondonBritish LibraryHarley863[232]Continuous gloss to Quincunque vult written in the Leofric PsalterExeters.xi3/4
LondonBritish LibraryHarley1005, fol. 98v[233]Names of the Winds in OE and LatinUnknowns.xiiex
LondonBritish LibraryHarley2110[235]HomiliesUnknowns.xi2
LondonBritish LibraryHarley2961[236][Inscription] in Leofric CollectarExeters.xi3/4
LondonBritish LibraryHarley3013[238]Glosses in OE and Latin to Aldhelm, prose De laude virginitatisCistercian Abbey of Newminster, near Morpeth in Northumberlands.xii2
LondonBritish LibraryHarley3667[196]Names of the WindsPeterboroughs.xii1
LondonBritish LibraryHarley6258B  Medical TreatisesUnknowns.xiiex
LondonBritish LibraryRoyal 1. A. xiv [245] GospelsUnknowns.xii2
LondonBritish LibraryRoyal2. B. v[249]Gloss to Regius PsalterWinchester; Canterbury, Christ Church s.ximed, xii
LondonBritish LibraryRoyal4. A. xiv,
fols 3-106
[250]A charmWorcesters.xiimed
LondonBritish LibraryRoyal5. E. xi[252]Glosses to Aldhelm's prose treatiseUnknowns.ximed
LondonBritish LibraryRoyal6. B. vii[255]Glosses in OE and Latin to Aldhelm’s prose De laude virginitatisExeters.xi2
LondonBritish LibraryRoyal7. C. iv [256] Continuous gloss, ScribblesCanterbury, Christ Churchs.ximed, s.xii/xiii
LondonBritish LibraryRoyal7. D. ii[258]Glosses in OE, Latin and FrenchCanterbury, St Augustine'ss.xiimed
LondonBritish LibraryRoyal10. A. viii[261]Names of the Winds in English and LatinUnknowns.xii/xiii
LondonBritish LibraryRoyal10. C. v [262] Notes, added to Petrus Cantor, Biblical CommentariesSt Paul's (?)s.xiiex
LondonBritish LibraryRoyal12. G. xii [265] Ælfric's Grammar (fragment) Unknowns.ximed
LondonBritish LibraryRoyal15. B. xxii [269] Ælfric's Grammar Unknowns.xi2
LondonBritish LibraryStowe2[271] Gloss to Psalter Unknowns.ximed
LondonBritish LibraryStowe57[272]Names of letters of the alphabet; glosses in English, French and LatinPeterboroughs.xii2
LondonBritish LibraryStowe104[273]Bede's Death SongUnknowns.xii2
LondonBritish LibraryStowe944[274]Will of King Alfred; Resting places of Saints, etc.Winchester, New Minsters.ximed; s.xii
LondonLambeth Palace Library 173[276]GlossesUnknowns.xi2
LondonLambeth Palace Library 204[277]Glosses and a scribbleElys.ximed
LondonLambeth Palace Library 427[280]; [281] Alliterative verse; History of the Kentish Royal SaintsGloucester; Exeters.xi2
LondonLambeth Palace Library 487[282]HomiliesWest Midlandss.xii/xiii
LondonLambeth Palace Library 489[283]HomiliesExeters.xi3/4
LondonSociety of Antiquaries 60 Black Book of Peterborough or Liber NigerPeterboroughs.xii2/4
New YorkPierpont Morgan Library G. 63[supp 418]Heptateuch (fragment)Unknowns.xi2
NorfolkBlickling Hall 6864[supp 414]The CreedSouth Easts.xii/xiii
OxfordAll Souls College 38[265]fols 1-12: AElfric's GrammarUnknowns.ximed
OxfordBodleian LibraryAshmole328[288] Byrhtferth of Ramsey's handbookUnknowns.ximed
OxfordBodleian LibraryAshmole1431 (7523)[289]Glosses to Herbarius of Pseudo-ApuleiusCanterbury, St Augustine'ss.xii
OxfordBodleian LibraryAuct.D. 2. 14 (2698)[290]Booklist and List of NamesBury St Edmundss.xi2
OxfordBodleian LibraryAuct.D. 2. 16 (2719)[291]List of Donations to Exeter by Leofric and Æthelstan, and inscription, and possibly additional Old English textExeters.xi2
OxfordBodleian LibraryAuct.F. 1. 15 (2455)[294]Inscriptions in Latin and Old EnglishExeters.xi2
OxfordBodleian LibraryAuct.F. 2. 14 (2657)[295]Wordlist and glossesUnknowns.xi2, s.xi/xii
OxfordBodleian LibraryAuct.F. 3. 6 (2666)[296]Inscription in Latin and Old EnglishExeters.xi2
OxfordBodleian LibraryAuct.F. 4. 32 (2176)[297] Classbook of St. DunstanUnknowns.xi2; xi/xii
OxfordBodleian LibraryBodley130 (27609)[302]Old English glosses to Herbarium of Pseudo-Apuleius and Medicina de quadrupedibusUnknowns.xi2, s.xiii
OxfordBodleian LibraryBodley155 (1974)[303] Latin Gospel-Book; containing Barking, List of LandsBarkings.xi/xii
OxfordBodleian LibraryBodley163 (2016)[304]Cædmon's Hymn; Latin-Old English glossary; GlossesUnknowns.ximed
OxfordBodleian LibraryBodley180 (2079)[305] Boethius's De Consolatione PhilosophiæSouth Easts.xii1
OxfordBodleian LibraryBodley297 (2468)[306]Bede's Death Song; and Boundary ListBury St. Edmunds(?)s.xiimed
OxfordBodleian LibraryBodley340 + Bodley 342 (2104-5)[309]Homilies and additionsRochesters.ximed
OxfordBodleian LibraryBodley343 (2406)[310] Homilies and Lives of SaintsUnknowns.xii2
OxfordBodleian LibraryBodley579 (2675)[315]Additions to the 'Leofric Missal': List of Sureties, Inscription and ManumissionsExeters.xi3/4-xi/xii
OxfordBodleian LibraryBodley708 (2609)[316]Inscription in Latin and Old EnglishExeters.xi2
OxfordBodleian LibraryBodley730 (2709)[317]Glossaries in Latin, French and EnglishShropshire, Buildwas Abbeys.xii/xiii
OxfordBodleian LibraryDigby146[320] Glosses to AldhelmAbingdons.ximed
OxfordBodleian LibraryDigby211[321]Bede's Death SongUnknowns.xii/xiii
OxfordBodleian LibraryHatton20[324]Annotations to Gregory's Regula PastoralisWorcesters.xii
OxfordBodleian LibraryHatton38[325] GospelsCanterburys.xii/xiii
OxfordBodleian LibraryHatton43[326]Cædmon's HymnUnknowns.xi2
OxfordBodleian LibraryHatton76[328] Pt A: Translation of Gregory's Dialogues (fragments)
Pt B: Translation of Herbarium of Pseudo-Apuleius and Medicina de quadrupedibus
Old English glosses
Worcesters.ximed, s.xiii1
OxfordBodleian LibraryHatton113[331] Wulfstan's Homiliary, part 1Worcesters.xi3/4-s.xiii1
OxfordBodleian LibraryHatton114[331] Wulfstan's Homiliary, part 2Worcesters.xi3/4-s.xiii1
OxfordBodleian LibraryHatton115[332] Homilies, etc.Unknowns.xi2, xiimed; ex; xiiiin
OxfordBodleian LibraryHatton116[333] Homilies Worcesters.xiimed, xiii1
OxfordBodleian LibraryJunius1 The OrmulumLincolnshires.xii2
OxfordBodleian LibraryJunius85[336] HomiliesUnknowns.ximed
OxfordBodleian LibraryJunius86[336] HomiliesUnknowns.ximed
OxfordBodleian LibraryJunius121[338] Ecclesiastical Institutes, HomiliesWorcesters.xi2; s.xiiii1
OxfordBodleian LibraryLat. Miscd. 13 (30572) + Lat. Misc. d. 30 (30584)[339]GlossCanterbury, Christ Churchs.xii1
OxfordBodleian LibraryLaud Misc.243[341]Cædmon's HymnUnknowns.xii2
OxfordBodleian LibraryLaud Misc.413[342]Verses of St GodricDurhams.xii2
OxfordBodleian LibraryLaud Misc.482[343] Penitential etc.Worcesters.ximed; s.xi2; s.xiii1
OxfordBodleian LibraryLaud Misc.509[344] Ælfric's translation of parts of Pentateuch and Joshua, letter to Wulfgeat and Libellus de veteri testamento et nouoUnknowns.xi2
OxfordBodleian LibraryLaud Misc.567[345]GlossaryUnknowns.xii
OxfordBodleian LibraryLaud Misc.636[346] The Peterborough Chronicle Peterboroughs.xii1, s.xiimed
OxfordBodleian LibraryNorfolkRolls 81[347]Glossary in Latin and Old EnglishHolme St Benetss.xii
OxfordBodleian LibraryRawlinsonC. 641[348]Glosses, and proverbs in Latin, French and EnglishKentishs.xii2, xii/xiii
OxfordBodleian LibraryRawlinsonG. 57 + G. 111 (14788, 14836)[350]GlossesUnknowns.xiex (?)
OxfordCorpus Christi College 197[353]Documents relating to Bury St. EdmundsBury St Edmundss.xi2-s.xii1
OxfordJesus College 26[355]Names of familial relationships in English and FrenchCirencesters.xiimed
OxfordLincoln CollegeLat.31[356]Cædmon’s Hymn and Bede’s Death SongUnknowns.xiimed
OxfordMagdalen CollegeLat.105[357]Cædmon’s HymnUnknowns.xiimed
OxfordSt. John's College 17 + BL, Cotton, Nero C. vii, fols 80-84[360]Old English Glosses, Names and CharmsThorneys.xiiin, c.1110
ParisBib. Nat.Lat.8824[367] PsalterUnknowns.ximed
ParisBib. Nat.Lat.8846[supp 419]Glosses to The Paris Psalter; The Anglo-Catalan PsalterCanterbury (?)s.xii2
RochesterCathedral Library A. 3. 5[373] Textus Roffensis Rochesters.xii1
RouenBibliothèque Municipale I. 49[375]NoteUnknowns.xii
SalisburyCathedral Library 131[supp 420]ScribbleSalisburys.xi/xii
SalisburyCathedral Library 150[379] Continuous glossSalisburys.xi/xii
SondershausenSchlossmuseum HS Br. 1 Continuous Psalter-glossUnknowns.ximed
TauntonSomerset County Record Office  DD/SASC/1193/77 Homilies (fragments)Unknowns.ximed or xi2?
TournaiBibliothèque Municipale 134[387][Cædmon’s Hymn]Unknowns.xii
WellsCathedral Library 7[395] Rule of St. Benedict Unknowns.ximed
WorcesterCathedral Library F. 174 [398] Ælfric's Grammar and GlossaryWorcesters.xiii1
YorkMinster Library 1[402] Documents and SermonsCanterbury, Christ Churchs.xi2