production and use english manuscripts 1060 to 1220 The University of leicester logo University of leeds
Edited by Orietta Da Rold, Takako Kato, Mary Swan and Elaine Treharne
(University of Leicester, 2010; last update 2013), ISBN 095323195X
Johanna Green

Johanna Green

I am currently a final year Doctoral Researcher in English Language at the University of Glasgow under the supervision of Dr. Kathryn Lowe and Prof. Graham Caie; my dissertation focuses on three poems found consecutively in the Exeter Book: 'Judgement Day I', 'Resignation A' and 'Resignation B'. Using thematic, palaeographical and codicological evidence, it argues that the manuscript compiler placed these texts together to be read for a specific devotional purpose. My research interests include: eschatology and the Parousia in medieval art and literature; the concept of the soul in Old and Middle English literature; digital editions and editorial theory; historical semantics; manuscript studies, book history and textual criticism; textual afterlives of medieval manuscripts in Early Modern print editions; digital humanities. I currently guest lecture for Honours English Language on 'Electronic Editions and Editing' and 'The Rationale of Hypertext'.

Previously, I worked as a Section Editor for the Historical Thesaurus of English (published by OUP, 2009) and as a Research Assistant on the JISC-funded Enroller project, both at the University of Glasgow. I was also co-organiser of the seventh Quadrivium training event at Glasgow in February 2012.