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Sources of funding for oral history projects

The following organisations have funded oral history projects in the past.

Other possibilities include:

In Leicestershire and Rutland, the Rural Community Council whose Funding Info Pack can be accessed via http://www.ruralcc.org.uk/resources.html

The Coalfields Regeneration Trust awards grants across coalfield areas in Britain. Projects must fit into one or more of the following themes: Supporting communities; Learning communities; Enterprising communities; and Supporting people into work. 'Bridging the Gap' offers £500 - £10,000, while the main grants programme covers requests between £10,000 and £300,000. See http://www.coalfields-regen.org.uk/ for links to regional contacts.

These links, and others, can also be found on the EMOHA Infosheet on getting funding for your oral history project.

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