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Playback and Copying Equipment

Having conducted your interview you may want to make copies or edit recordings together. To do this you may have to invest in some of the following:

  • Amplifiers: If you set up a hi-fi separates system you will need to buy an amplifier. Adequate amplifiers can be bought from £75 upwards, but as with everything, the more you pay, the better quality recordings you can expect.
  • Speakers: You will need to buy some speakers to be able to hear your recordings.
  • Cassette recorders: These are usually quite cheap. Recorders that have a tape-to-tape recording facility can be useful. We have found that domestic cassette players/recorders can sometimes struggle when subjected to high usage or forced to play very old tapes. If this is something you expect to do regularly you may wish to consider buying a professional tape player/recorder. Professional tape players/recorders are produced by the following companies. We suggest that you contact these companies and discuss your particular needs before making any more advanced purchases:
  • Static mini-disc players/recorders: These are very useful as they enable you to copy your mini-disc recordings to CD without tying up your portable mini-disc player. You should be able to buy one from around £200.
  • Reel-to-reel tape recorder: You are unlikely to need a reel-to-reel tape recorder. If you do have any old reel-to-reel recordings you may be able to find a reel-to-reel recorder on sale in the classified section of your local paper. There are still a lot of them about and with some determination you should be able to buy one fairly cheaply.
  • CD Recorders: It is possible to buy CD recorders from as little as £150 if you shop around. Plug into the back and follow the instructions to record directly onto CD. You will have to use Audio-CDs rather than the data CDRs which you would use in a computer. EMOHA advises that you make a CD copy of all of your tape or mini-disc recordings to ensures the recording's survival.

You will also need to buy some connectors to connect all of your equipment together. We advise that you buy the best quality connectors and leads you can afford.

As you may have noticed much of this equipment can be found in many domestic hi-fi set ups. Unless you have a lot of money to spend domestic hi-fi retailers like Richer Sounds are probably a good place to start buying equipment from.



EMOHA recording rack
At EMOHA we store all of our hi-fi seperates on a rack for ease of access.

Old fashioned reel-to-reel players are still available to buy second hand.

An amplifier.

CD recorder
A CD recorder.

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