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Recording with your computer (2)

Controlling your soundcard

Your PC's Control Panel offers an easy to use tool which you can use to control your soundcard. Most problems you are likely to experience when recording sound on your computer can be solved using the Sounds and Multimedia/Sounds, Speech and Audio Devices properties dialogue box. To access this go to the Start menu and choose Settings>>Control Panel (Depending on your operating system this process may not be exactly the same but it will be similar).

The control panel

Click on the Sounds and Multimedia icon to see the Sounds and Multimedia Properties dialogue box and then click on the Audio tab.

Sounds and Multimedia Properties dialogue box

Sound Playback controls the the way in which your soundcard plays different sounds. Sound Recording controls the way in which your soundcard records sounds. Before you begin recording click on the Volume button in the Sound Recording section to display the Record Control dialogue box.

Record Control dialogue box

Check that the correct recording source is selected: 'Mic Volume' for microphones, 'Line In' for mini discs and other external sources, or 'CD Audio' for the computer's internal CD player. Also check that none of the sliders are pushed too low. If your recording is not working in the way you expect click on the Volume button in the Sound Playback section and check that nothing is muted.

N.B. The above is based on an old version of Windows but the basic principles remain the same.

EMOHA Information Sheet No 18: Digitising Oral History is a concise guide to using your computer to record and edit sound.

Using sound editing software.


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