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Portable CD Recorders

The Marantz CDR 310 portable CD recorder is currently being advertised on websites, but portable solid state equipment appears to have proved more popular. CD recorders have been on the market for some time and this is a follow up to the CDR 300 costing around £749 on the Inquit website.

Another option which is sometimes used in schools is the Coomber range. While many of us are familiar with their robust cassette recorders, they also make CD recorders with single or twin drives. These cost from £250 to £380 depending on various options. EMOHA has no experience of using these but has heard good things said of them.

Where to buy portable CD recorders

If you are thinking of buying a portable CD recorder you may wish to visit the following companies. They should not be considered to be approved or recommended by the East Midlands Oral History Archive.



CD Recorder
Marantz CDR 300 CD recorder


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