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The following tracks make up the Toys section of Toys and Games:An Oral History. Tracks 29 and 37 are available to listen to on-line.

  1. Improvised Toys. Female, born 1910: talks about how she had to improvise her own toys, even though her father ran a toyshop.
  2. War Toys. Male, born 1944: describes toys played with by girls and boys, Second World War tin soldiers and how plastic was a new material for toys.
  3. Action Man. Male, born 1961: describes collecting a wide range of Action Man ‘figures’ and accessories (not ‘dolls’!).
  4. Hula Hoops. Female, born 1951: talks about playing with hula hoops, bikes, scooter and roller skates.
  5. Sugar Cane Skipping Ropes. Female, born 1963: talks about making skipping ropes and dolls while growing up in East Africa. Also remembers playing with stones as marbles and using yellow soil to make clay.
  6. Construction Kits. Female, born 1951: describes playing with different kinds of construction kits.
  7. Card Games, Board Games and Jacks. Female, born 1963: talks about the games played by her family in East Africa.
  1. Dolls, Hospital. Female, born 1951: describes playing with dolls and having one mended at the Dolls’ Hospital in Leicester. Talks about ‘Tressy’ doll.
  2. Cooking, and Making Dolls. Female, born 1951: Describes playing with cooking utensils in her parents shop and making dolls from cotton wool. [There is some background noise on this track]
  3. Board Games. Male, born 1977: describes playing Battleship, Monopoly and Operation with his mother.
  4. Sindy and Barbie. Female, born 1974: talks about Sindy and Barbie dolls.
  5. Early Computers. Male, born 1977: describes playing with his Commodore 64 computer.
  6. Computer Games. Male, born 1994: describes playing on his computer and with other toys in his home.
  7. Dolls. Female, born 1994: talks about how much she enjoys cuddling and playing with her dolls.

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