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Sound Yer Holler

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Sound Yer Holler

Sound Yer Holler

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Q: Can you remember what games you played as children?

Oh, we played tremendous games. It was great fun in those days, we used to have a little game we used to call Sound Yer Holler. Where gangs of you, you used have, t'split yourself up into two gangs. Now one gang used to go off and hide and the other had got to find you. And we always used to, every now and again, we used to shout holler and of course that's what the original name was Sound Yer Holler. Course, as a child I always remember in Shepshed where I always used to jump over the cemetery wall and go an hide a back of the cemetery wall where the others daren't come in and find me. It was, it was a fantastic thing, cause you know. And then another little trick we used to have when we were small children we used to make a barrow. Any old wheels that we could find and make a barrow. Get an old tomatoe tin and nail it on the top and put a candle in it. We'd run all over Shepshed in this 'ere little truck. You know, with somebody in and gi'en them a ride now and again with us ol' candle in the front.

Q: What...did you have toys?

Nah, no toys. You couldn't afford toys in those days you used to make us own fun. You know, we was hap, more happy with a box or something and a pair of wheels of em. We used to have more fun out of that game.

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