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Sindy and Barbie

Sindy and Barbie

3.04 minutes

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Erm, yeah, I think when I got a bit older Sindy dolls, I had a lot of those, they were very popular at the time and then Barbie came along I think, we probably thought that Sindy was the first thing and then Barbie happened but it was probably the other way round. Erm, but yeah, I was quite sort of erm militantly against Barbie at the time.

Q: Right

And er..

Q: Because you were in favour of Sindy?

Yeah erm. Sindy's er quite nice to look at, quite smooth and er, you know, for some reason er you know it was fun to play with and also part of the enjoyment was er buying clothes for her because I remember at the weekends we'd go to Market Harborough and I knew this shop that used to sell the clothes, it was on a corner and I used to like it was it was probably er you know the the highlight of the week to go and see what new clothes I could buy, not that I could necessarily get them but just to look at them, and they were almost pr.. you know useless bits of plastic, but at the time they were, it was brilliant to be able to get things like cutlery or er plastic shoes. I remember I think my first Barbie had er a a tutu or some kind of leotard and plastic er, er ballet shoes. And then I got second hand Barbies and you know and I suppose I built up a small collection. And er then I got the kitchen unit, I just distinctly remember my father saying to my grandfather "It cost sixteen pounds, what a rip off!" Erm, it, I couldn' t understand why he thought it was such a rip off because the er it actually had a tumble dryer erm that worked you could actually put washing powder in and it worked, it was really tiny and the sink if you pressed the taps they worked. I can understand why now he thought that but er.

Q: So what did did you used to like act out little scenes with these ?

Yeah, I mean I had, I eventually built up, er you know, I had a shower unit, I must have had a toilet or something and er a lounge unit I used to sort of have cardboard boxes so I'd, I'd just put them in different rooms so I was more interested in the interior decor than the dolls by then I was getting into decorating the cardboard boxes.

Q: Did you ever have the boyfriend one?

No I never had the Ken, I think Ken, was it Ken? Or the Action Man, I think people used Action Man something like that. No I never had a male one. I think my cousin did. No I never, never had the house with er, I think it had a lift on the side or something no I just made the card, I had a kitchen unit and a lounge unit with a cat. If you pressed it it sort of went meow and if you poked, if you poked the fire it lit up and er I think the telephone might have rung or something. But, it was quite vulgar when I think about it, but at the time it was great. Erm, and I probably tried to fit that inside a carboard box to make it look more like a room and the shower, that was a corner shower, that worked as well, water came out of that. Yeah that was quite good.


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