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Playground Games

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Playground Games

The following tracks make up the Playground Games section of Toys and Games:An Oral History. Track 24 is available to listen to on-line.

  1. Breaking Windows. Male, born 1927: describes playing rounders in school, leapfrog, throwing, breaking windows and being punished.
  2. Utchi-Ker-Bum. Male, born 1932: describes playing a complex and dangerous game called “Utchi-Ker-Bum”.
  3. British Bulldog. Male, born 1961: describes playing ‘British Bulldog’ in the playground.
  4. Tetherball. Female, born 1972: describes playing a Canadian playground game called Tetherball.
  5. Elastic and Hopscotch. Female, born 1974: talks about how hopscotch and elastic or “French Skipping” became easier as you got older.
  1. Clapping Game. Group of girls, born 1992: demonstrate a playground clapping game & explain why they like playing it.
  2. Spy Game. Female, born 1992: describes playing ‘the Spy Game’ in the playground.
  3. Team Run, Racing and Tig-Bob-Down. Group of boys, born 1994: describe how to play Team Run, Racing and Tig-Bob-Down in the playground.
  4. Freepod. Two boys, born 1991: describe how to play Freepod.

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