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Oral History Resources for Teachers

Teachers' Links

  • The British Library has many online resources, some of which use oral history extracts. Have a look at Food Stories (Citizenship) or Voices of the Holocaust (History).

  • Cantigny First Division Oral History Project - students conducted twenty-two videotaped oral histories of soldiers and guardsmen who served with the First Division of the U.S. Army from 1944 to 2009. Lesson plans and videos.

  • The Citizenship Foundation's site has useful resources for teachers and links to the 'SchoolZone' site for teachers and pupils.

  • http://chronicleworld.wordpress.com/ has information, news and ideas, including pages developed by school children, on 'black life in modern Britain'.

  • The D.C. Everest School District Oral History Project is a non-profit student volunteer organization in Wisconsin that works to chronicle the life experiences of people involved in Twentieth Century and recent historical events. Good resources for teachers.

  • Hammersmith & Fulham Urban Studies Centre's website which has details of National Curriculum related projects linked to the local environment and environmental change.

  • Historymatters is a US site with teaching materials and online resources about American history.

  • The Museum of London has virtual exhibitions on many themes related to the city, including 'Remembering the Blitz', with activities and oral history accounts of living in London during WW2. Lots of other good resources too.

  • The National Curriculum online is useful for finding resources and websites to support learning and teaching.

  • Oral History - a Toolkit for Teachers - a .pdf from what was English Heritage

  • Primaryresources.co.uk offers National Curriculum related resources for Primary teachers, including downloadable worksheets.

  • Speaking for Ourselves - A teachers' guide to disability and oral history. From an oral history project funded by Scope.

  • Teaching History: A journal for history teachers.

  • Tell Me Your Stories: A site from the US which offers an oral history curriculum for high schools and middle schools.

  • Telling Their Stories: A site from the US where you can read, watch and listen to interviews of Holocaust survivors conducted by high school students.

  • TES Connect has lesson plans, activities, worksheets and interactive whiteboard resources.


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