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talking history: Issue 7

talking history is available in audio format. You can either download it from this page to play on a Windows Media Player or we can send an audio cassette on request.



File size


Length of extract

Youth Talk

* 980 KB * 4.05

The Experience Corps

  411 KB   1.42

Launch of Historical Directories Website

  992 KB   4.10

Britain - a diverse society

  614 KB   2.33

Going to the flicks

  384 KB   1.35

Hinckley Oral History

  1446 KB   6.02

Youth Culture in the 1950s and 1960s

  1907 KB   5.41

The Foursights

  212 KB   0.52

What was where?

  585 KB   2.26

Post cards and Plane Crashes

  1178 KB   4.55

Starting Young

  1056 KB   4.24

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