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Michele Santoro helps to catalogue new material


As EMOHA accepts more and more new collections it becomes increasingly difficult to stay on top of the cataloguing demands this creates, so it was with great pleasure that in January 2017 we welcomed Michele Santoro from the University of Sienna to help with our cataloguing.

Michele joined us on the Erasmus programme, which provides foreign exchange options for students from within the European Union and involves many of the best universities and seats of learning on the continent.

As a result of Michele's work there are now many more collections that have been accessioned and added to the online catalogue - http://www.le.ac.uk/emoha/catalogue.html.

As well as this, Michele scanned hundreds of typed summaries created by the Leicester Oral History Archive in the 1980s. These are now text files that are being added to our online recordings on My Leicestershire History - http://specialcollections.le.ac.uk/cdm/landingpage/collection/p15407coll1.

These summaries are searchable and make the recordings easier to find by search engines and much easier to use. Finally, 30 or more years after they were created, these recordings and summaries are available to the public on the Internet.

Michele finished his time at EMOHA in June 2017 and we would like to extend our warmest thanks and appreciation for the valuable work he has carried out.



Photo of Michele Santori

Michele at his PC


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