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Some Churches in Leicestershire & Rutland

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St Wistan, Wistow

Photo of exterior of St Wistan, Wistow

St Wistan dates from the 12th century with enlargements and alterations in the 14th, 15th and 18th centuries.

The area around St Wistan contains both Wistow Hall and a popular crafts/garden centre, as well as a giant maize maze which was grown in the summer of 2004, chopped down in the autumn, and has been advertised as returning in 2005.

The church sits prettily in several good views across local fields and is approached up a driveway which crosses a small brook just before the white entrance gates.

Photo of interior of St Wistan, Wistow

The 18th century restoration replaced the medieval windows with round headed windows, and refitted the interior. The fittings include the box pews, reredos (photo below), pulpit, and nice iron communion rails from around 1730. It is rare in Leicestershire to find such a good set of fittings from this period.

You can see the entrance to the north transept halfway along the wall on the left.

Photo of interior of St Wistan, Wistow

Decorated with the ten commandments, this is the middle part of the wooden reredos (ornamental structure or screen behind the altar).

Photo of interior of St Wistan, Wistow

This monument to Sir William Halford d.1768 stands with others in the north transept.

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