The Wakerley Houses

As well as the houses already mentioned in the Trail on Gedding Road, there are 'Wakerley Houses' all over Leicester. 'The Quality of Leicester' suggests that those on Linton Street (1&2) give an idea of what the houses looked like externally when first built. The plan of the houses shown in the 1975 Town Trail showed the front doors facing forwards, as can be found on the first houses to be built, in Green Lane Close (3). However, this was a first design and was only applied to Green Lane Close. Other houses followed an alternative design (as in photos 1, 4 & 8) of 1923 which can be seen in 'Arthur Wakerley' by Jean Farquhar. The main difference between the two designs is the swapping of the position of the downstairs bedroom and hall/porch so that the main door opens to the side of the house rather than the front.
Many of these houses have now been altered, and double glazing (4) and extensions (5&6) change the look of the houses. In some streets, such as Great Arler Street (7) and nearby Herrick Road, the row of houses creates a very individual pattern of roofs.
The houses in picture (8) are on Gwendolen Road opposite Wakerley's Crown Hills home. The 1975 Town Trail states these were '..built, so it is said, as prototypes'. It also mentions a small window 'on the right hand of the door' which enabled Wakerley's invalid sister to lie in bed and see the road. A plaque on the wall (9) spells Wakerley's name and gives the date as 1924 (if these houses were prototypes the date may refer to the plaque rather than the houses).
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Wakerley house on Linton St Wakerley houses on Linton St Wakerley house on Bradfield Close Wakerley houses on Gt Arler Rd Wakerley house on Gwendolen Rd Plaque on Wakerley house Wakerley house on Green Lane Close Wakerley house on Green Lane Close Wakerley house on Green Lane Close
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