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Some Churches in Leicestershire & Rutland

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St Luke, Tixover

Photo of exterior of St Peter, Tickencote

I followed directions out of the village along a path across fields which seemed to lead nowhere until I saw the church, which stands alone some distance from the present village. The key is available from a tupperware box outside the nearest house as far as I can remember.

The large Norman tower (the photo makes it look smaller than it is) is early 12th century while the interior is mostly later 12th century and 13th century. Inside there is a 12th century font, some old glass in a window, and Jacobean poppyhead bench ends.

Photo of interior of St Peter, Tickencote

On the right of this photo you can make out a round arch leading to the south aisle, which was added in the last half of the 12th century. In the first quarter of the 13th century the north aisle, on the left, was added and the arches have become pointed. You can just make out the stiffleaf carving on the nearer capital. The chancel is 13th century and has stone seats along the walls.

Photo of interior of St Peter, Tickencote

The early 12th century Norman tower arch has responds (a half-column bonded into a wall and carrying one end of an arch) with five shafts. The photo shows the shafts, the capitals, and the seven roll mouldings of the arch itself.

Photo of interior of St Peter, Tickencote

As seen in the photo of the chancel above, this is a monument to Roger Dale, his third wife and two daughters. It is dated 1623.

Charming, remote, peaceful. All in all, a very visitable church.


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