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Some Churches in Leicestershire & Rutland

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St Peter, Tickencote

Photo of exterior of St Peter, Tickencote

A church with possibly the biggest 'wow' factor in the counties, St Peter's is unusual in that lots of the exterior looks Norman but is in fact late 18th century imitation which goes slightly over the top on the sides not shown in the photo.

Photo of interior of St Peter, Tickencote

However, it is the Norman chancel arch which is the main attraction, and photographs never do it justice. Walking in via the door on the right, the arch looms large above you and it really is most impressive, even if it is slightly lop-sided.


Photo of interior of St Peter, Tickencote

The arch dates from around 1165 and as can be seen there are six 'orders', or bands of carving, each of which is decorated with different patterns. From left to right these patterns are called: beakheads, embattled, grotesques, zig-zag, stepped abstract, billet hoodmould.

When I visited, a booklet with illustrations by Peter Rollings was available in the church showing the detail on the arch, especially the forty sculptures of the grotesque order.

This booklet may be obtained from Mr Rollings: cheque for £3.14 & A5 SAE to P.K.Rollings, PO Box 318, Peterborough, PE1 2YG. There is an A4 version in the church that visitors can look at too.

Photo of interior of St Peter, Tickencote

As if this wasn't enough, the chancel is also very interesting. The sexpartite rib-vault rises octopus-like (if the octopus had lost two legs) to a Norman boss, and is very unusual for England in this period.

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