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Some Churches in Leicestershire & Rutland

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Holy Trinity, Teigh

Photo of exterior of Holy Trinity, Teigh

Teigh is a tiny village, slightly off the beaten track, north of Oakham. Not a soul stirred as I walked up to the church avoiding the sheep grazing on the north side. The tower dates from the 13th and 14th centuries but inside is 18th century.

Photo of interior of Holy Trinity, Teigh

The interior of the church has remained pretty much unchanged since it was built in 1782. As can be seen the walls are pink and the ceiling blue, while the pews are arranged in what is called 'college style', which is to say facing each other.

This photo shows the altar at the east end of the church, flanked by boards in the arches which have the ten commandments written on them.

Photo of interior of Holy Trinity, Teigh

However, to hear the sermon the congregation has to turn to the west. You enter the church under the pulpit which has to either side a reader's desk and clerk's desk. The arch above the pulpit is painted with trees and glazing bars, as if one were looking out of a window, while the panels to either side contain versions of the Lord's Prayer and the Creed.

Photo of interior of Holy Trinity, Teigh

Next to a stone font (in the opening on the right of the photo above) is this rather nice Georgian mahogany font which used to be attached to the altar rails.

A very pleasant church. Unfortunately I dropped the visitor's book pen down the back of the chest it was resting on, and had to leave it there as I couldn't get at it. Sorry.

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