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Some Churches in Leicestershire & Rutland

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St Andrew, Stoke Dry

Photo of exterior of St Andrew, Stoke Dry

One of my favourites in the two counties, this is a totally charming little church situated next to Eyebrook reservoir (where the WW2 Dambuster raid was rehearsed), not far from the very visitable Lyddington. The pretty exterior might be enough to cause the tourist to pause, but it is the interior which is memorable.

Once again, four photos cannot do justice to all there is to see in the church. There is a good screen, some fine poppyhead bench ends, and the general atmosphere of the church is splendid - even if no element of the Gunpowder Plot was hatched here (contrary to rumour).

Phot od monument in St Andrew, Stoke Dry

Here we see the children of Kenelm Digby (d.1590) and his wife, standing against the side of their tomb chest in the Digby Chapel.

Photo of shaft in St Andrew, Stoke Dry

Dating from around 1120, this is just a small detail from one of the two Norman chancel arch shafts. The chap in the middle is ringing a bell above him. Also on the shaft is a devil trying to pull down a winged figure. Pevsner says, 'It is barbaric art in that it is entirely uncomposed, but it is full of vitality and zest', and that it is rare in England.

Photo of wall painting in St Andrew, Stoke Dry

As if this wasn't all enough, St Andrew also has some interesting late 13th century wall paintings, a couple of which are shown in the photo. On the left is the Martyrdom of St Edmund (who is being shot at by two bowmen who look a little like Native Americans), while on the right is St Christopher.

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