Terraced Houses in Leicester

Early roofs might have had local Swithland slates, but from 1840 the railways brought in cheaper, lighter Welsh slate. Also, in older houses roofs might be pitched low to save on materials.
Chimneys on Tower Street
Chimney on Avon Street
The chimneys of small houses are generally not as ornate as those of larger houses (which can be seen here). However, as can be seen on the left, eventually even humble dwellings had a bit of decoration on the stack, and large pots (which are now highly prized as garden ornaments).
Finials such as that on the right are rarely found on the smallest terraced houses, but the larger the house the more likely you are to find an ornamental spike or animal.
Finial on New Walk
Ridge tiles on St Albans Road
Some terraces have fancy ridge tiles, some don't. There are two styles shown here: on the left a sort of four tooth cogged crest, and on the right a two hole hexagonal crest (see the Bricks and Brass website on 'Further Reading' for many more examples).
Variations on the front
• Roofs
Brick/stone bands
Boot scrapers
At the back
Further Reading


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