1London Rd bunting2Waiting at the station
3The Royal Car4Gallowtree Gate
5The Clocktower6Morris dancers
7In a telephone booth8Watching from above
9The Queen is somewhere here10The last view of the Queen

The Queen's Visit to Leicester on 1/8/02

(A personal view from Colin Hyde)
1. London Rd the evening before.
2. People waiting in the drizzle for the Queen and Prince Phillip to arrive at the train station.
3. This car may have contained the Royals.
4. The royal parade of cars drove down a cleared area along Gallowtree Gate.
5. This was as close as I got to the clocktower. The centre was very full and people who didn't realise what was going on could be heard complaining that they couldn't get to the opposite side of the city.
6. In Humberstone Gate there was a variety of stalls and dancers.
7. Inside a telephone box was dry at least. Note the dancers on the other side.
8. The shops in Humberstone Gate provided several vantage points above the crowds.
9. The Queen is somewhere under the royal umbrella (the transparent one). Mostly I saw the back of her head.
10. And then she was gone, whisked off down Charles St to the next appointment.
The City Council also have photos of King George and Queen Mary visiting Leicester in 1919.
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