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Some Churches in Leicestershire & Rutland

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St John the Baptist, King's Norton

Photo of King's Norton from the south

Pevsner states that 'of the churches of the early Gothic Revival this is one of the most remarkable in England', while the guide by John Brushe says it is 'among the most important Georgian churches in the country'. Local squire William Fortrey employed architect John Wing the Younger who completed the rebuild of the church in 1761 (Fortrey had John Wing the Elder rebuild neighbouring Gaulby church in 1741).

This view is the celebrated view from the south, although other excellent views are to be had from Gaulby Lane and the road out of King's Norton to the west.

Photo of St John the Baptist, King's Norton

A tall spire was added to the tower in 1775 but this was destroyed by lightning in 1850. The tower is much admired, having four stages divided by friezes, bell openings with reticulated tracery, all convincingly Gothic. You can just make out that there is also a frieze under the parapet on the nave.

Photo of interior of St John the Baptist, King's Norton

Inside the church, not a lot has changed over the years; the impressive fittings are of Norwegian oak and a smell of polish fills the air. This view looks east at the altar showing the box pews and, somewhat lost against the reredos behind it, the rather lovely triple decker pulpit with gates to either side (this is one centrally placed pulpit the Victorians didn't manage to shift to one side). Past this the pews in the chancel face each other, and there is a communion rail and the reredos, with a black and white check floor.

Photo of interior of St John the Baptist, King's Norton

Looking back from the pulpit we see the west gallery with Doric columns, with the font area to the right and the Royal Arms of George III above the gallery. The tall clear windows flood the church with light and you'll notice there are no monuments - they're all outside.

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