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Some Churches in Leicestershire & Rutland

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St Mary the Virgin, Ketton

Photo of St Mary the Virgin, Ketton

This church is well known for its good 'broach' spire, but it is also set in a picturesque corner of a lovely village. Interesting buildings abound in its vicinty.

The earliest parts of the church date from around 1190 but it mainly dates from1240, and it was then that the belfry stage of the tower was added (the bit under the spire), complete with Early English lancet windows and dog tooth ornament (see Melton too). The spire was added in the 14th century, and Cantor says that it was much admired by the Victorians as being 'perfect'.

The churchyard contains many interesting Ketton stone headstones, some of which can be seen in the foreground of the photo.

Photo of south door of St Mary the Virgin, Ketton

The west front of the church is 12th century, about 1190, and shows the transition between styles from the Norman to the Early English. The main arch with arches to left and right (pointed blank arches) are typical of the Transitional style.

Photo of interior of St Mary the Virgin, Ketton

Inside, the nave is mainly 13th century and is usually described as 'lofty' or 'spacious'. The walkway above the chancel arch leads to a round-headed doorway to the ringing chamber.

There is also a 14th century font, some good 15th century poppy head bench ends, and a Victorian chancel ceiling with rather large angels which was painted in 1950.

Photo of interior of St Mary the Virgin, Ketton

The walk way shown above leads from the east end of the south aisle where it is supported by this Norman stonework, which is actually two straight pieces.

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