The Goddard Trail - SE Leicestershire



The Goddard practice designed several schools in SE Leicestershire during the 1860s and 1870s. The people must have liked what they saw - the first two photos are from Church Langton, the second two from Hallaton, and the school in Medbourne (not pictured) is also in the same vein. The HSBC Bank on Granby St was being built around the same time as the Church Langton school, and also has some of the little creatures shown in the second photo.


The Goddards did much church restoration during the 1860s - the roof at Thorpe Langton (chimney in first photo), stalls at Church Langton, and restorations at Stonton Wyville and Slawston. This culminated in the building of St Andrew's Church at Tur Langton in 1865-6 (pictured). Built mainly in red brick this, along with St Andrew's, Leicester, was the most advanced and fashionable church design for its time in the county.

There is no other village quite like Horninghold in the county. Around 1880 a wealthy merchant named Thomas Hardcastle bought the Horninghold estate, and by 1913 he and his son, T.A.Hardcastle, had transformed Horninghold into a base for hunting and house-partying, guests arriving at the station in nearby Hallaton. Between 1903 and 1913 H.L.Goddard worked in the village and modelled some of the houses on Leicestershire and Northamptonshire stone farmhouses, and these sandy colours can often be seen in the east of Leicestershire, Rutland and north Northamptonshire. 
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School in Church Langton School in Church Langton School in Hallaton Church at Thorpe Langton Tur Langton church Tur Langton church Tur Langton church House in Horninghold House in Horninghold Orchard House, Horninghold Orchard House, Horninghold School at Hallaton
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