Terraced Houses in Leicester

Further Reading
Most of the information on this website came from the following sources:
Stefan Muthesius, The English Terraced House, 1982.
Malcolm Elliott, Victorian Leicester, 1979.
Various Leicester City Council South Highfields Conservation Area statements, up to 2003.
Leicester Urban Studies Centre, A Newtown Trail, 1982.
Dennis Calow, A Hundred Years of Leicester Terrace Houses 1814-1914, available to read at - http://cdm15407.contentdm.oclc.org/u?/p15407coll5,1181 - where there are also hundreds of photographs of streets in Leicester which no longer exist due to slum clearance etc.
Also worth a look:
Ned Newitt, The Slums of Leicester, 2009.
Leicester City Council, The Quality of Leicester, 1997.
The Wikipedia Article on Terraces includes the UK, Australia and the USA - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Terraced_house
For further information about slums and council housing in the first half of the 20th century in Leicester have a look at the EMOHA exhibition about Braunstone - http://www.le.ac.uk/emoha/community/resources/braunstone/index.html
Bricks and Brass - http://www.bricksandbrass.co.uk and particularly their section on design. This site has many more examples of finials, ridge tiles, bargeboards etc.
Back to back housing in Birmingham - National Trust, and Birmingham Conservation Trust.
Leeds Civic Trust - Back to back housing in Leeds.
Back to Back housing in Bradford - http://www.bradfordhistorical.org.uk/houses.html
Housing in Stoke on Trent - www.thepotteries.org.
Photos of slums in Brighton at http://www.mybrightonandhove.org.uk/category_id__171_path__0p116p.aspx.
Victorian terraced housing in Blackburn - http://www.cottontown.org/
This Leicester Sound & Vision site contains more examples of Green Men on lintels.
Picture credits:
The black and white photos are all courtesy of the Records Office for Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland, except for the picture of the court on the 'Developments' page, and the picture of the back yard on 'At the back', which are courtesy of Ned Newitt, and the photo of the George and Dragon on 'The Streets' which is courtesy of the Community History Unit at Leicester City Council. All other photos are by Colin Hyde. This website is part of the East Midlands Oral History Archive and has been compiled by Colin Hyde. Any comments can be sent to him via the 'Contact us' button at the bottom of the page. Last updated 15/12/2015.
Variations on the front
Brick/stone bands
Boot scrapers
At the back
Further Reading
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