Leicester - Sound and Vision



Abbey Park - Leicester's premier park.
Animals - dragons and beasts which can be found on the buildings of Leicester.
Adverts - painted on the sides of buildings. Fading fast but still giving a glimpse of the past.
Bede Island - a City Challenge project changed the face of a canal side area of Leicester.
Bridges - four of Leicestershire's old bridges.
Chimneys - a selection from Leicester.
Churches - a selection from Leicestershire and Rutland.
Evington Footpath - a Roman road is now a footpath.
Highfields - bombing raids in WW2 destroyed several buildings. These photos show you what is there now.
The Goddard Trail - the history and architecture of the Goddard family. Lots of photos of familiar Leicester buildings.
Green Men - leafy faces on the lintels above the doors and windows of houses.
Leicester Market - still a part of the Leicester shopping experience.
The Liberty Building - gone, a victim of redevelopment, but remembered fondly.
Mill Lane - from houses and shops to De Montfort University, follow the development.
Swithland Slate Headstones - an introduction to a wonderful feature of Leicestershire churchyards.
The Queen's visit to Leicester 1/8/02.
Terraced houses in Leicester - a look at the history of the houses. Lots of photos of external details you may not have noticed before.
Terracotta - brick and terracotta designs which adorn the houses and terraced streets of Leicester.
Top Hat Terrace - Leicester's first private detective built a monument to himself. See the many faces!
Victoria Park - home of Leicester's main war memorial and much more!
Victoria Park - Four Seasons - to complement the main Victoria Park page.
The Wakerley Trail - the man who developed the suburb of Spinney Hill/North Evington and his 299 houses. Lots of photos.
A Woonerf in Leicester - an early example of traffic calming in a Leicester street.
Wyverns - examples of fearsome creatures who look down on us from the tops of houses.
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