1Humberstone chimney 2 Aylestone Rd chimney  
3 Stoneygate chimney 4Granville Rd chimney
5Fosse Rd chimney 6Princess Rd East chimney
7Princess Rd East chimney8Princess Rd East chimney
9 Regent Rd chimneys10Regent Rd chimneys
11Queens Building chimneys


As well as being functional, chimneys are often decorative. The spiral pattern in (1) was used by the Paget family of Humberstone to identify their estate properties. These are known as 'Paget Pots'.
Chimney stacks are often decorated with patterned brickwork (2), or coloured bricks creating patterns (3). Different designs and brick colours can be found all over Leicester (4&5).
The Goddard practice (in particular Joseph Goddard) was keen on fancy chimneys, and this stepped, or 'corbelled', brickwork can be seen in the Regent Rd/Princess Road East area (6-10). Note the arched chimney stacks in (10).
The Queen's Building on Mill Lane (11). The 'chimneys' have horizontal louvres to regulate warm air and the level of carbon dioxide in the building. These function in much the same way as a window would and help to make the building environmentally friendly.
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Humberstone Aylestone Rd Princess Rd East
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