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Some Churches in Leicestershire & Rutland

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St Peter, Brooke

Photo of St Peter at Brooke

Brooke is a hamlet only a few miles from Oakham, and until recently I doubt there were many people who didn't consider this church to be 'a find' when they first encountered it. However, now that the church has featured in the film 'Pride and Prejudice' it has been well and truly 'found' by millions of movie goers. Will this attract coachloads of Jane Austen fans?

The church was mostly built over the course of the12th century, the tower being 13th century, but the steeply pitched roof was added in the 16th century.

Photo of door arch at St Peter, Brooke

This is the south, Norman, doorway and you can see the zigzag patterns which combine to make diamond shapes.

Photo of interior at St Peter, Brooke

As can be seen, there is a nave (to the right) and north aisle (to the left) separated by an arcade of three bays. Bottom left is the Norman font. While the pulpit (centre right) is Jacobean or Elizabethan, the box pews are Elizabethan and it is this 16th/17th century feel which gives the church its character.


Photo of interior at St Peter, Brooke

In this photo of the chancel area you can just glimpse the communion rail, a survival from pre-Commonwealth times. The open space created by the chapel (from which the photo was taken) next to the chancel helps to create an atmosphere quite different from most churches in the counties.

The chapel contains a marble monument to Charles Noel (d.1619), while according to the excellent church guide (colour pictures!) the chancel is an Elizabethan 'Communion Room'.

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