02186/S,  EM/121                            EMOHA Project Collection


Interviewee: Name withheld             b. 1921 Newton Burgoland,  Leicestershire


Occupation: Shop assistant, catering


Interview Dates:  26/07/2001, 06/09/2001, 11/10/2001






NOTE: Interviewee and husband’s names have been edited out of the interview


CD 1 Track 1


Infants’ class


Recalls Infants’ class. Slates and pencils that squeaked. Grandma was caretaker. Before school holidays, Miss Oakey, the teacher, bought box of sweets to share around infants’ class. Age 7: moved into ‘middle’ class.

Cleaning School


Describes school cleaning. One piano for three classes. No central heating. Coal fire and guard. Later, a stove. Big boiler at side of school. Grandfather stoked boiler. Grandma cleaned school Friday night. Recalls helping to clean brass taps on washbasins; grandma gave her 6d for helping.

School toilets


Describes toilets in schoolyard—one locked for staff. Men emptied the pans (metal pans/wooden seats) once a week. Horrible to use. Had same at home—but lovely white seat—father buried contents in fields. Was “a bit finicky”.