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East Midlands Websites

This page presents selected websites from across the East Midlands which feature oral history. For detailed information about oral history projects in the region have a look at the East Midlands Projects pages.


Ashover Audio Trail (Derby) can be downloaded onto MP3 players, iPods and mobile phones. This is a good example of how to create an audio trail and there are instructions on how to use it.

Bottesford Living History (Leics) is designed so that anyone can add their memories of the Bottesford area of Leicestershire.

Burton Latimer: A Sense of Place (Northants) only uses a few audio clips but is an excellent local history website.

Chaddeson Historical Group - Groundwork Derby & Derbyshire’s “The Past On Your Doorstep, The Future In Your Hands” project is hosted on the Chaddeson Historical Group website.

Coal and Dialect in the East Midlands. A project by David Amos and Natalie Braber at Nottingham Trent University.

Highfields Remembered (Leics) covers the history of the Highfields region of Leicester and contains memories of local people as well as a good photo archive.

Hinckley Past & Present - a variety of reminiscences and interviews. In particular the oral history features interviews conducted by David J Wood and an online book based on recordings made at the Westfield Centre in 1991.

I Worked at Raleigh (Nottingham) is a website and an app that tells the story, through the voices and images of those who worked there, of one of the most iconic British industries and factories of the 20th century - the Raleigh in Nottingham.

Leicester Jewish Voices is a reminiscence writing project which also used oral history to record memories of the Jewish Community in Leicester during the 1940s and 50s.

Market Harborough History Projects (Leics) features oral history interviews which are part of an ongoing project.

The Media Archive for Central England (MACE). Aims to to collect and preserve the moving image heritage of the English Midlands, and to make its collections available to the widest range of people right across the region.

Milton Malsor History Society (Northants). The website contains oral history clips as well as a wealth of information about the village, which is situated 3 miles to the south of Northampton.

Monsal Memories (Derby) The Monsal Trail uses the tunnels of the former Midland Railway Line to offer one of the most spectacular leisure routes in Britain for cycling, walking and horse riding and the website includes six ten minutes podcasts about people who worked on, lived by or travelled on the former Midland Railway.

Northamptonshire Black History Association. Discover 800 years of Black history in Northamptonshire, the result of the hard work undertaken by the team involved in the Northamptonshire Black History Project.

The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender history project for Nottingham & Nottinghamshire. This project began in 2000 as part of Nottingham Living History Archives through which it produced a set of recorded oral histories, a book, photographs and other resources. It is now part of the Nottinghamshire's Rainbow Heritage site.

Notts Coal Mining Memories - Memories of six Nottinghamshire mining communities: Ollerton, Rufford, Blidworth, Newstead, Hucknall and Linby. 'This site is not about kings and queens, castles or barons, lords, ladies, dancing and banquets in great houses. It is about the coalminers of Nottinghamshire. It’s about the people, their mining lives, stories, jokes, laughter and heartbreak. You will find videos, photos and audio recordings of the men and women we have interviewed.'

Rushden Research (Northants) is the website of the Rushden & District History Society Research Group and their project 'A History of Rushden - Hearts & Soles'. Rushden is a town which grew on the back of the shoe industry, which in turn was closely linked with the growth of non-conformism in the area. The outcomes of the project are the website and a stand-alone I.T. kiosk to be sited at Rushden Museum which will feature the website and AV recordings at greater length.

Selston Living Heritage Project (Nottingham) aims to bring people of all ages and experience  living within the Parish together and to increase the skills base and aspirations of residents through the medium of our recorded memories. The community archive created by collecting the memories of people in Selston Parish will then be used by volunteers in a variety of ways to bring the stories to life and make them accessible to all. These will involve such things as plays, stories, art work, songs, films, CDs, DVDs and a range of other computer based materials.

The Village Archive Group. (Lincs) Woolsthorpe & Colsterworth are recording social history & local people's memories in text, video and audio to preserve vital oral history and accounts of village life in the twentieth and twenty first century. Transcripts of oral history interviews are on the website.

You Tube & Vimeo. As more projects use video for recording oral histories websites such as You Tube and Vimeo are becoming increasingly useful for showing the results to the world. These are some of the oral history based videos made in the region;

Footfalls (Leicester) - Leicester's indoor market - https://vimeo.com/84958835

Many Rivers to Cross (Nottingham) - Caribbean settlers in Nottingham - https://youtu.be/Fp76muFTDIk

Not Lost the Plot (Leicester) - allotments in Leicester - https://vimeo.com/76801919

Spectrum (Leicester) - Black music in Leicester - https://youtu.be/Rei5sMW6wj0



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