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Information about oral history holdings at Derby County Hall Local Studies Library

Main subjects covered by recordings:

Lives lived in Derbyshire communities. Local industries, farming, World War II. Includes:

Around 90 interviews with present and former residents of Ashover parish, three books have been published using these interviews.

Thirteen interviews with Belper people on their experiences during World War II.

Twenty two interviews about the village of Renishaw, a book based on these recordings has been published, 'Props Points and Pig Iron'. DCC 2005 0903463805

Twenty five transcripts of tapes for which the original tapes have not been kept in the public domain.

Approximately 40 books based on oral recordings for which tapes and transcripts have not been preserved in the public domain. Some of these were DCC partnership projects, others are products of individuals, societies etc.

Listening arrangements:

Recordings can be listened to on request although it is advisable to make an appointment to ensure the cassette tape player is available for use.


The library is also willing to accept deposits of oral history recordings and related material. This would normally only be material relating to Derbyshire but recordings of current or previous residents of Derbyshire that include material on their lives elsewhere in the UK or abroad are also welcome.


Ruth Gordon
Local Studies Library
DCC Cultural & Community Services Dept.
County Hall

Telephone no: 01629 585579

Email address: localstudies@derbyshire.gov.uk

Website address: http://www.derbyshire.gov.uk/leisure/local_studies/


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